• Mueller rapid response protests activated, scheduled for Thursday at 5pm
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Weird, my local protest is scheduled for "Friday", November 22 (which is a Thursday). Trying to figure out if that's an error or if they're really planning to wait two weeks to do this protest. Anyone else seeing similar?
Fuck off. This is ACTUAL a threat to this nation. And almost one the 2nd amendment that you hold so fucking dear was made for. Trump proved he is a threat to US Democracy today by just bypassing congress.
Some of mine say the same thing but also clarified that that's a placeholder.
Mine used to say "this is a placeholder" but had no date. Now it has a date and no mention of it being a placeholder.
Probably got the site admin to push out a update to placeholder dates, since it was so quick if; placerholderdate.txt , then replace, insert tomorrownightsthenight.txt
god you’re an a obnoxious cunt
Because they don't actually care about the law or the constitution. It's all about guns being cool, nothing else.
And they live in a state where their fellow citizens were vote suppressed just for being born Native American.
tbh, they'll probably accomplish more than you jacking off into the barrel of your gun as you fantasize about killing enlisted in the NG.
Well, shit. I have office hours and a class to teach tomorrow evening.
As it turns out the whole "we need the second amendment to stand against government tyranny" kinda falls flat on it's face when most second amendment types stand with government tyranny.
Shouldn't you be planning attacks on the US power grid or something with your little pals?
Can we not be giant flaming assholes about Skylynx's post and instead actually address why flippantly dismissing protests might not be the best plan in the here and now? Some supplemental reading material? Some articles? Some personal perspectives? Literally anything but a bunch of angry, reactionary shitposts that accomplish nothing?
Welcome to Facepunch.
After a post like that, I’m gonna guess they’re the type to plug their ears and go “la la la” in response to any proof against them. it was a nice drive by shitpost I gotta say
Some tips to help you prepare for tomorrow's protests: Bring water, snacks, a small first-aid kit, and a fully charged phone (and if possible a phone charger; it is often difficult to impossible to find outlets to charge your phone at protest locations and you can save other people's phones while you're at it). Research local public restrooms -- you'll be very glad to know ahead of time. Research local parking if you're not arriving by carpool, bus, or public transit. Take several photos from multiple angles of where you parked - this may help you locate your vehicle later. Check the weather. If it's sunny, bring sunscreen. If it's rainy, pack an umbrella and/or rain poncho. If it's snowy, wear warm, comfortable clothing. If you have the materials, make a sign. Keep it short and pithy. "RECUSE", "PROTECT MUELLER", or "NOT ABOVE THE LAW" are some ideas. Bring an American flag. We are patriots. This is for all of us. Michaels and other such outlet decoration stores are likely to have some miniature flags. Take photos/videos and post to social media. It is important for as many people as possible to be aware of these protests. If possible, dress nicely. It will make it that much more difficult for protesters to be painted as a "mob". Above all, be civil. Do not attack anyone, or vandalize anything. Be respectful. Cameras will be on you. The world is watching. If confronted, de-escalate. Here's a small pamphlet on how. Be organized. We'll have one, simple, demand: Whitaker must recuse himself from the Mueller Investigation and relinquish oversight to Rosenstein. Know Your Rights as a Protestor Learn the Facts; Know the Facts; Spread the Facts
Frankly if Whitaker recuses and it goes back to Rosenstein I expect the mother of all angry tweets
Of course this shit has to happen right as everything is accelerating in anticipation of Thanksgiving break. I'm up to my eyeballs with deadlines and trying to wrangle administrative bullshit, and I've got a talk scheduled for Friday at a conference. The only time that could have been worse would be around finals. I'm still going to try to bring a car-full of people to my nearest protest.
My local protest page said that too but they still sent out emails and other correspondence with tomorrow as the date. I think the site is just fucking up for some reason, but yes, the protests are in fact activated for tomorrow at 5. Saw on Reddit some other organizations are also going to be joining the protest. If you can go, please go guys! This is a signal to our representatives that we support the independent investigation and are opposed to it being undermined.
If it was a day where it's just a class I'm taking I'd skip, but of course I can't skip one where I'm the adult in the room... If they're still going on Friday I'll go
If you’re going, please don’t be a shitter. Don’t fight. Respectful but loud. Don’t add to the “look how evil they are” idea the GOP loves to paint.
Not much you can do in that situation. Hopefully turnout is good at your location.
My location is the White House so I sure hope so.
What would you rather everyone do instead? Leave disparaging comments on an online forum?
We already got the largest protest in American history at the simple fact Trump won, I hope this one breaks that record.
would it be a bad idea for my sign to say "now that's just some tyrannical russian type style bullshit" or is that too memey
Welp, I can't go. I had signed up but I've basically recieved the, 'you're making me do more shit' look from everyone in the household and the one person I was expecting some moral support from, my brother, was more concerned that weed was villianized and thinks the Russia investigation is just a cover for creating in/out groups in the media. Now I'm unsure if I want to go, god I hate my family.
It doesn't seem very organized. Maybe I'm out of the loop but there's confusion and differing times and dates, and even if it's on or not
Don't let them stop you from doing what you believe in. We're all in this together.
So don't do it for them. Do it for you. Do it for your country, the rule of law, or out of a sense of patriotism. There's some database problems that haven't updated the times yet. Globally, across the site, it's tomorrow at 5 PM (your local timezone). That's a reliable time to go regardless of listing. It is absolutely on.
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