• Brian Kemp finally resigns as SoS, after winning the election.
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https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/11/8/18075526/brian-kemp-resigns-midterms-georgia-stacey-abrams The announcement comes two days after a group of voters filed a lawsuit against Kemp, arguing that the Republican could not continue in his role as chief elections official while votes were being counted. That suit was heard in court on Thursday, where Russ Willard, an attorney with the state attorney general’s office, announced Kemp’s pending resignation. In a press conference, Kemp said that his resignation was not due to the lawsuit but was him simply preparing for his transition to governor, adding that Abrams does not have the votes to force a runoff. “We’re in court this morning still dealing with a lot of these quite honestly ridiculous lawsuits,” Kemp told reporters on Thursday. “We’re going to continue to fight that. The votes are not there for her.” As of Thursday morning, election counters showed Kemp with 50.3 percent of the vote and Abrams with 48.7 percent. Kemp would need to fall below 50 percent to trigger a runoff election. On Wednesday, Abrams’s campaign said that some 100,000 ballots still needed to be counted. The secretary of state’s office countered that the actual number of remaining ballots is far lower than this, leading Kemp’s team to argue that Abrams has no way forward. Kemp has been repeatedly criticized for remaining in his role during the general election; the move has been seen as creating a significant conflict of interest as several voting rights controversies in the state unfolded and as voters in heavily black precincts encountered a limited number of voting machines and technical errors on Election Day. Abrams’s campaign joined former President Jimmy Carter and several voting and civil rights groups in calling for Kemp to resign before the election. Kemp said he would not do so, adding that he also would not recuse himself if the contest required a recount. Wonder if they do plan to investigate corruption with the campaign, all the polls and evidence will magically disappear like last time. Welcome to shitty georgia state government where conflicts of interests are about as common as peaches.
Somebody park a fucking bus on top of this sludge calling itself a man.
Abso-fucking-lutely bullshit.
Remember, for the last 150+ years, the federal government is the main thing preventing the south from becoming a fascist apartheid anti-democratic theocracy.
I'm procrastinating writing an essay in southern studies class that's due in 20 minutes and I approve of this message.
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Winning is not the right word for this sham of an election.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/205984/87194797-1608-4930-b15e-4f6d33577ba0/image.png STOP WASTING TIIIIIIIIME!
don't worry about it, it's fine. Anyways I brought it up because my book says that after Reconstruction ended some ares of the south could "hardly be called democracies at all" because voter suppression and political violence were so common, and that just stuns me. look up the Wilmington Insurrection. It's the only successful coup in U.S. history, performed by white supremacists in 1898. Really morbidly fascinating stuff.
there were litterally no consiquences of abusing the office if he won, and after 8 years of bashing the machine he only managed to squeek by with 50.3% of the vote, quite telling
Why the fuck would he not resign BEFORE the election went through? It's just so telling that he wanted to maintain power when he had the chance of losing it, and now he doesn't care. This guy needs to be arrested. Our democracy needs to be more willing to re-do elections.
Because the people who voted for him don't care. They only care that he's not a nigger. (Seriously. It's Alabama. I guarantee you most of the people who voted for him still use the word regularly in private.)
It's Georgia, but a good segue into another fun fact about the southern government: the creators of the constitutions of Alabama and Mississippi publicly stated they created them to establish white supremacy in those states.
Hell, you're right, I goofed. But to be fair, I'n a little bit in withdrawl right now (Screwed up my meds two days ago.). I think I need to take a break from the keyboard for the rest of week until I'm back to normal.
I lived in the city of Bob Jones University for five years, not doing that again.
Why in the fuck was a candidate running for office IN CHARGE OF THAT to begin with?
Because they never thought the Secretary of State could be so partisan, and they weren't until relatively recently.
Restoring and strengthening the Voting Rights Act is an absolute top priority. If you're not aware, the VRA gave the federal government veto power over the voting laws of the southern states. It was found to be constitutional, except that the original law included a static list of states and this was struck down in 2013 for being outdated. All a Democratic Congress would need to do is amend the law to include a dynamic set of criteria for which states are covered, and it would be back up and running. They could also insert new provisions to provide stronger protections. One of the bills that Democrats will probably pass through the House next year does this. It'll obviously die in the Senate, but it's a good blueprint for the next time the Dems take power: Any state (and all of its political subdivisions) shall be subject to certain requirements for a 10-year period if: 15 or more voting rights violations occurred there during the previous 25 years; or 10 or more violations occurred during the previous 25 years, at least one of which was committed by the state itself (as opposed to a political subdivision within it). They're also looking at the possibility of a bill that would outlaw gerrymandering nationwide by requiring nonpartisan redistricting committees in all states.
SCOTUS outright told Congress to update it when they removed the oversight part, guess why they didn't.
The South fought for state rights even if it was for horrible reasons, its the exact opposite of fascism. If you replaced the word fascist with confederacy it be more accurate.
They forced millions of their own people to live as slaves and classified them as property, it's a pretty fascist thing to do
Aren't there still some counties counting ballots? It hasn't been called and isn't required by GA law to be called until next Tues. Either way I hope they find someway to pin this piece of shit, because he has certainly been pulling voter suppression bullshit.
Just because they share one thing in common doesn't mean they are the same thing. Its as dumb as saying communism and socialism are the same. Fascism is radically authoritarian.The government has strong regulation of society and economy. The south on the other hand fought for exactly the opposite reasons. They wanted the governmental to have LESS power, so that they could keep owning people as property.
Stacy is filing a lawsuit against Kemp's SoS for not counting absentee ballots in a different county that were labeled "late" even though it was because of hurricane Micheal. More of kemp not wanting votes counted period.
Yet they wanted their own government...
Is that a thing? It should be a thing. It'd be a perfect eqivalent of Gender Studies in keeping useless, ignorant, overly opinionated people out of professional fields that demand just an iota of contact with the real world.
The only people who truly want the government to have less power are the ones who stand to fill the resulting vacuum. Sure, the government can do terrible things but democracy is supposed to provide the checks and balances needed to prevent that. Guess who's been abusing the ideas supporting democracy to destroy the system supporting democracy in the past and in the present? Businesspeople. When they saw their profitable farms, built almost entirely on slave labor, at risk, they decided to go for broke. Nowadays open war is unviable but who needs war if you can bribe the government into working for your interests? There's many problems here. I dunno how far a total ban on donations in preference to tax-funded campaigns would help but I think it would actually awaken a loyalty to constituents and not a loyalty to the Koch brothers' Super PAC.
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This sounds like someone who knows nothing about how humanities or just college in general works. It's a specialization for a degree like history, or a class for it.
You do know what a "class" or "specializations" are right?
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