• Spineless Lindsey Graham backs down from threat towards trump about Sessions.
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https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/lindsey-graham-donald-trump-jeff-sessions-holy-hell_us_5be3f53fe4b0e8438893e219 Scientist also found the first human that could be classified as an invertebrate.
Hmm... Why? What changed?
Nothing. He was always a fucking coward who would have never followed through.
Nothing. That was always the problem. It was always just a 'mask' he was wearing. He will do anything and everything Trump asks him to do, even if he says to the public that he won't. His statements were about controlling and manipulating his voters into submission -- not about representing them.
lindsey graham looks like Palpatine crossed with Timmy from Whitest Kids U'Know
Well of course he's a pussy who won't follow through, he knows he can't resist the cult leader. But we already know about Ted Cruz, he who supported the candidate who talked shit about his wife. Also Paul Ryan is due for surgery to have his surgically reimplanted once he leaves the House.
He acts like it too.
Trump's not going to pick him for AG, he's looking at Kris Kobach.
Fuckin floss you dumb bitch
What a little bitch
All the more reason I'm voting out the bastard in 2020. I hope others in SC do the same.
The Republicans probably have dirt on him, likely related to his dubious sexual orientation. If his voters ever found out about his orientation he knows they'd throw him out, so unfortunately, I guess he feels compelled to tow the party line to save his career, although I don't understand why he wouldn't just retire, he's 63. The fact that he has had to spend his entire life in fear of his sexuality(not that he should have to share it, of course) is pretty sad.
What a basic bitch.
People have always assumed he was gay but maybe he just hates all other human beings. Misanthropic asexuality. Much more evidence pointing torwards that.
Ha fair enough, he definitely gives off a 'state of constant misery' type-vibe
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