• Trump makes up some bullshit about the Finns preventing forest fires by raking
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You'd think he might stop making up stuff after getting so much flak for it But then again his base doesn't care Still, Trump has changed my mind on my previous opinion of "surely everyone learns from their mistakes, right?"
California needs to backburn in the off seasons of the year, if they already do then they need to do it more and get more funding. It helps prevent such severity of fires but it does not eliminate them.
Is there one piece of news where this man said something remotely sensible?
Those bloody Finns, if there's one thing they're good at, it's raking leaves into a fucking pile.
We need to stop building the wall and get illegal immigrants working on raking that forest floor ASAP tbh
https://globalnews.ca/news/4394201/trump-canadian-lumber-california-wildfires/ Now he's blaming us lol “Canada is charging us a lot of money to bring their timber down into our country. So ridiculous, here we have it,” Trump said. “We’re not even talking about cutting down trees… we’re talking about lying on the floor creating a hazard and a tremendous death trap.”
who the fuck says "the floor of the forest" it's called the ground holy shit
yeah okay nerd but who CALLS it "forest floor"
Layers of a Rainforest idk about you but this is something I learned in school
california isn't a rainforest though check mate x 2
I don't know what you're on about, I hear it pretty commonly being referred to as the Forest floor, even before I went into the environmental sciences.
ah but since you went into environment sciences that means you also hung out with a lot of nerds who talked the same as you, so this is just confirmation bias check mate x 3 (combo hit) (K.O) (victory) (okay i'll stop now)
Just doing our civic duty. https://i.imgur.com/1sEz11x.jpg https://i.imgur.com/FcJmOBr.jpg
Pretty sure Trump referred to taking better care of forest areas and also any risk areas in general. People are being petty. Not just rakes, but notably better forest roads to help firefighters get on site faster would help.
Isn't Finland also a fuck-ton wetter than California is?
Do you think Trump's aware of that terminology?
I don't really care, I was just posting that to show that forest floor is an actual term
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