• Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes quits 'extremist' far-right group
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Come off it. There is no excuse for burning down small businesses because you don't like a speaker at a college. You're a fucking retard if you think an appropirate response is to do "A REAL FUCKING PROTEST" every time there is something you don't like. I'm not fucking equating them but there is no reason people should excuse Antifa.
You called them terrorists.....
There was just a discussion about male and female genital mutilation in another thread and the same sort of rationale was used. Yes, one is bad but another can also be bad although without be on equal severity. I don't like racists and I don't like political violence.
Okay but your claim was literally that they are terrorists lol, also do you think racists and fascists give two shits about your peaceful protest against them? This is the way you fight fascism, you punch it hard in the nose at its infancy, you dont let it grow, you make the nazis afraid to come out to their protests. Look at Unite the Right two, it failed because of antifa. Terrorism is coordinated attacks by a coherent group of people. Antifa hasnt done anything like this. There have been no "Antifa bombings" or shootings Meanwhile:essays/us_hate_crimes.md at master · dessalines/essays · GitHub I really dont give a shit what centrists say, If there are literal nazis on my street, campus, or city, I will fight them with direct violence.
https://puu.sh/C6fuP/7e557f33fe.png what part of this definition excludes antifa?
People don't sympathize with Milo and the alt-right simply because there is firm opposition against them. People are sympathetic towards Milo and the alt-right because they are that very brand of people.
That may be the most basic definition, but the historical definiton of a terrorist group is very different from what antifa is. Terorrist groups are highly organzied and specifically attack goverment property or civilians. Antifa is a reactionary ad-hoc force that only exists as a counter protest group. Its like claiming the civil rights activists of the 50's and 60's were terrorists because they sometimes had physical altercations against the southern racists.
Using violence and fear as tools to impose one's politics is what terrorists do. Punching your enemies might work in the comic books, but in the real world people do not shy away and bend to your demands when you punch them in the face. They just come back with a better weapon or with friends to return the favor with interest. You may have noble intentions and noble ideals but your pledged actions serve only to perpetuate a cycle of violence that will not end until you choose to end it.
don't think recommending a guy only like two stages less reactionary than gavin is a good idea. he got big into the anti-sjw shtick cause of how much he dislikes trans people.
Go ahead and peacefully protest the Nazis then. Hold up your sign as they talk to people in the street and open fire into crowds. Type a tweet about how we need gun control when one of them shoots up a church or gay bar. When they start to win the elections keep peacefully protesting, and when they ban trade unions just voice your diplomatic objection. When they come after Jews peacefully protest yet again and call it an abomination online. Do the Same when they come after blacks and Hispanics. Then when they ban protesting, sit down and become complacent.
Good job shifting the conversation away from Proud Boys to a completely unrelated topic to downplay the far-right in yet another classic example of whataboutism.
"Eh those groups that believe in an Ethnostate and believe all races that aren't a part of the white race are inferior aren't really an issue imho. BUT CLEARLY A RAG-TAG LOOSELY BASED GROUP OF HOOLIGANS IS CLEARLY THE BIGGEST THREAT TO OUR NATION"
This is my point, you are calling antifascists terrorists on the same level as fascists.
Where did they burn down businesses / public property? The way you word it too makes it sound like this is something that happened more than once maybe I've not heard of it but at least back that up
Yeah where the fuck did the whole "Burning down business" come from? Cause im reading up the wiki and news articles during that time. Only thing i got is a few protestors were arrested for being reckless and some broken windows. Like christ Reg at least research or at least try to find something thats hard for people to research on. So it can at least forward the narrative you like
Hahaha what a bitch; perfect example of the actual conviction of far-righters though
Reg is the textbook definition of the cowardly fence sitting white boy who bleats about civility and peacefulness because he either covertly supports the proud boys or he doesn't care about anyone (women, the LGBT community, minorities, anyone that doesn't agree with their politics) in the firing line.
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
This may cease the cycle of violence against these 'enemies' but all it means is that said people now have the potential to gain additional power (and do with it as they will) unopposed, which is precisely what ANTIFA, at least nominally, is seeking to prevent. To some who take up this label (because it is impossible to generalize them all), continuous violence as necessary resistance to these people is an acceptable alternative to peace on the streets but further strengthening of certain trends pushed for by authoritarians and other such dangerous groups. For some, a cycle of violence is preferable to a perpetuation, or even an increase, in oppression. I would add that there are similarities between this narrative and the narrative of rejuvenation through necessary constant violence as an antidote to degeneration favored by actual fascists, but this similarity isn't actually indicative of the huge gulf between the two, and that one is far more disconnected from reality than the other - and that one is merely reactive while the other perceives itself as revolutionary and self-fueling.
Shortly after, violence began to flare. A pepper-spray-wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. A conservative group leader retreated for safety behind a line of riot police as marchers chucked water bottles, shot off pepper spray and screamed, “Fascist go home!” The WP just lost me for describing Joey Gibson as a conservative group leader. The term they should have used there was "neo-nazi organizer". Quoting myself: Joey Gibson is a big nazi and he organizes the "Patriot Prayer" events to terrorize the communities he visits. At his events he and his cronies coyly let everyone know that they're going to be massacred by talking about how great Augusto Pinochet is and such and it's also an opportunity to build his fascist movement due to the crowd size helping recruit and create ties between his people and the local racists. "wow, I can't believe I'm not the only one who hates the jews!" If you want more of a history you can check out IGD as it continues to keep tabs on him: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=from%3Aigd_news%20Joey%20Gibson&src=typd Saying antifa attacked Joey first is ignoring his history. I can't really come up with things for other parts of the post because it does take a long time to get up to speed and write but at berkeley it was organized with some pretty explicit fascism in the form of using the group American Guard for security which is described by the SPLC as "a group of hardcore nationalists (with aging/former racist skinheads and at least one klansman among its members)" so the targeting was correct at the least. https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2017/08/12/flags-and-other-symbols-used-far-right-groups-charlottesville
I'm so glad Australia isn't as politically retarded as America. I mean there's morons here too but not to the extent of the US.
Yeah Totally. Stares at the dying Great Barrier Reef
It's dying because of global contribution to climate change. I mean the government isn't doing enough to save it, but the whole world is collectively murdering it.
A bunch of college kids who are angry at society and want an outlet to burn shit v.s. groups that want to kill all jews blacks and gays. How do you still not realize they are in no way equal in danger? A sports riot causes more public property damage than Antifa.
I'm talking about alt right fuckwits
i've always found this confusing. people by and large seem to think sports riots are funny or a point of pride even when they turn cars over and light shit on fire, yet when a group of antifa protestors do anything people shit their pants and act like they're killing thousands in the streets
Well, you see, the Browns deserve it because the Browns suck. They either played too poorly or too well and so obviously people are going to get violent as their aggravation spills over into a mob mentality which trashes their local community which I will also argue is overplayed by the lying liberal media because it might make me look bad. I empathize with the rioting protests of football because I'm overinvested in my favorite football team and I understand their misplaced and wholly useless chaotic and egotistical anger. But wanting to punch people in the face just because they want to annihilate 98 percent of the global population through violence and oppression because they feel they're superior and deserve to sit on the throat of the world? Don't understand that. I mean where's the evidence they're going to do it? At least the Browns lost/won "the game" but these guys are just protesting. The last Nazis were around when my grandpa was and nothing lives that long. Besides the Nazis were all about Hitler and there's no Hitler now. They're harmless, unlike the latest shifts in division rankings that came as a result of the Browns which I will now bring up at my place of work for two months while paying about five seconds attention to the Nazis. Heil, if the Nazis exterminate the Browns maybe I'll joke about supporting them in a nervous but confusingly semiserious manner and when finally the Nazis come for me I'll console myself by "realizing" that there was nothing to be done and nothing could've stopped.or prevented this.
Such a shame all those soldiers in WW2 didn't sit around holding hands hoping the Nazis would go away. Instead they resorted to violence and caused so much property damage! Truly shameful.
How is it that you always try to paint yourself as some balanced centrist yet constantly parrot rightwing talking points? Even if Antifa was just as bad as the Proud Boys (they're not) this is still a blatant deflection from the actual relevant subject of the Proud Boys, not Antifa. Kinda weird how you're literally acting exactly like a Trumpet in this situation despite claiming to be a centrist. Hm... Really makes you think!
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