• Online “Sex Workers” Are Scrambling To Cover Their Tracks After Being Mass Repor
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https://cloverchronicle.com/2018/11/24/online-sex-workers-scrambling-to-cover-their-tracks-after-being-mass-reported-to-irs-for-not-paying-taxes/ Women who reportedly use social media apps, like Snapchat, to make money by selling “services” such as nude pictures of themselves, private video sessions, used garments and more, are being targeted by a group of people who apparently disagree with their “unethical and hypocritical” behavior. Now THIS is spicy
I mean. Shouldn't they pay taxes either way?
The US has a weird cultural boner for not paying taxes and shit. I don't get it personally. I've met so many people since moving here who literally believe that "taxes are just government theft".
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1097/114cedbd-60e5-409d-9c8d-1ec8bd4f80c9/Screenshot_2018-11-24 Headlines 📰.png This source doesn't seem very reliable.
Yeah this is almost certainly just an attack on sex workers and nothing else. The kind of people who are reporting them for this are almost certainly part of the "taxation is theft why i should pay for pooorrss reeeeee" crowd, as they tend to be massive prudes/ social conservatives. They should probably be paying their taxes though. Mass reporting them isn't going to solve the problem at all however.
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I looked at where the images in the article came from it just seems like incels on 4chan (and reddit?) jerking over a way to shit on sex workers, with the excuse of taxes - the focus isn't even on whether they pay taxes or not, just being annoyed that sex workers exist. so yeah it's one of those non-articles reporting on random posts on social media.
I mean, we're mostly talking about cam whores and stuff, not exactly on the same sort of level as sex workers insofar as actual prostitution. Far more likely to be self employed, far more likely to be in safe and comfortable living conditions, far less likely to be doing the work that they do because of a lack of alternative career paths. If a 19 year old with a webcam makes a few hundred dollars by chatting with people topless online, there really isn't a "problem to solve." I don't think most webcam-based sex workers are pushed into the kind of work they do against their will, especially the younger, amateur ones that have extremely profitable Patreons. It might be something pushed by social conservatives or salty alt-right who are envious that they can't make that kind of money by showing their penises on camera, but regardless of intent, the actual end-goal isn't exactly wrong. Yeah, sending nudes online may be a legitimate career choice, but definitely should be paying taxes, no other way around it. Any "camwhore" that is upset that they have to pay taxes on the nudes they send or their premium snapchat access definitely deserve to be audited because the rest of us do lose hundreds of dollars a paycheck to pay for the social services that those sex workers obviously utilized. Nobody should be able to make income, especially not substantial income, without paying taxes, whether that's as a CEO, or as a Snapchat sex worker.
The entire site appears to be a fucking trash heap of secondary sourcing to "own the libs" with snide jabs and shit. Not a shocker that vuu found this one.
Something like 40% of all tips go unreported and the service industry is massive, but clearly that isn't of concern. No, it's the gigantic field of premium erotic snapchats that's targeted. I'm sure this is definitely about the ethics of unreported income. This is definitely someone's slut-shaming crusade.
I never said they shouldn't be paying their taxes. Just that this is a clearly ideologically motivated thing and isn't being done to actually better the country. Given the chance the asswipes going out of their way to report these people would almost certainly avoid paying their taxes too. They're just massive hypocrites.
I agree with this part (and it would be hilarious if they got hit in turn, but alas I think they're more private about these matters). However Inequality via tax loopholes used by rich people notwithstanding, I think we're looking at justice being done as collateral 'damage' of a hate campaign. Which is pretty odd. Still, it's hard to see this as anything other than people's unlawful conduct coming back to bite them. I also don't think it's that ineffective. It's probably the only way to get that many people to pay their taxes if they illegally hadn't done so before. (Whenever there's a loud campaign regarding tax dodgers being possibly prosecuted here, there's a lot of 'voluntary corrections' to people's tax statements.) It may not solve the problem at a fundamental level, but randos going after tax evasion is pretty much a required part of reigning in tax evasion as far as I can tell. Especially if there's weak oversight otherwise.
I mean, it's a pretty massive jump to assume that they don't pay taxes as well. It might be that they're just salty that they do pay taxes and are upset that they work 80+ hours at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage when, from their perception, a person who simply exposes themselves to strangers, can make 100x more than they do in a few hours with little "work" and on top of that, doesn't have to worry about paying taxes. Think about this, for a lot of these guys, these sex workers have two things they can't have; they have a near infinite supply of people who want to have sex with them and who would pay for the chance to, and they make oodles of money for (what they perceive to be) simply winning the genetic lottery. I'm not saying that this mindset isn't toxic or misinformed, (there are definitely sex workers who put a ton of work to keep their body in the shape that it is, work hard to network, lose out on social benefits because of the stigma of their job, etc.) or that the people pushing for this are good people, (most certainly not the case) or that they're not hypocrites, (I'm sure a good few are) but I can definitely see that, beyond the vocal alt-right folk who are just looking to hurt sex workers out of a deep jealously, there are probably those who just feel like it's unfair and do actually pay their taxes.
How are they expected to pay taxes on illegal activity exactly?
Selling nudies and camwhoring isn't illegal.
If I'm not entirely mistaken, there's a special tax form for that. Word of mouth says the IRS really doesn't care as long as they get paid.
Why are there scarequotes around "sex workers"?
The IRS has a confidentiality agreement where they (generally) can't/won't report you for reporting illicit income unless it's something that affects national security. They pretty much only care about the money and ask that illegal income be put as "other income"
Honestly what is there to be mad about. A culture of reporting tax fraud is a good culture, fuck these people if they are not paying tax. Everyone needs to pay tax for a country to work, its part of living in thr civilized world.
I think it's because a good majority aren't exactly "having sex" with anyone. People don't even like to call strippers or porn actors sex workers even though, well, they are, and prefer the term " erotic dancer" or "adult entertainer" or "adult film actor". I imagine a premium Snap-chatter is more similar to a stripper in most peoples' eyes (including theirs) than to a prostitute.
it's not the action but the motivation behind it to get at these people for their line of work
For once, the IRS is actually decent about something? Who would have thought that they, of all government departments, would have the right policy regarding prostitution.
They should definitely be paying their taxes to begin with, but using the law as a weapon selectively for ideological reasons is very dangerous.
It does not matter what the motivation is. If they are not comitting tax fraud then they don't need to worry and can stick it to the retards who are reporting out of spite. Tax audits are part of life and you should always be able to prove you have paid correct tax. They can still pay tax regardless of their stigma, so this shouldnt be a problem, unless of course they are comitting tax fraud.
Keep in mind that anyone can be audited at any time by the IRS, so it's not like being audited is a crazy rare occurrence or a sign of guilt. If it happens because you're reported, it's no different than if you're randomly chosen to be audited. People are at "higher risk" of being audited for a few things, such as being self employed, but again, it's not a guarantee that it will or will not happen to you because of any specific reasons. I've been audited likely because I have two jobs, and one of them is self-employment. It's a quick and painless process no different than doing taxes on tax day just with more involvement. Once you're in the clear, you're usually safe for a pretty long time unless you do stuff like have a ton of itemized deductions. An audit is harmless if you're not cheating your taxes, honestly.
Being audited is not 'part of life' if you're reported as committing tax fraud even if you haven't. It's a long process that can freeze your entire flow of money for no reason and lose you a shitload if you're a fraction of a decimal of a percent off (which is extremely easy to do but most people don't get audited in self-employment). Motivation is important because it's a bunch of fuckhead incels doing it to spite others as a weapon, not out of any genuine concern of tax fraud.
This is just not true. Anyone can be audited at any time and it's not even that bad. You're at higher risk of being audited when self employed, not lower, because you have a greater opportunity to fudge the numbers compared to working for a reputable company. Being audited doesn't "freeze your money" unless you're gaining money through illicit means. You have to be pretty "off" to face any real punishments, and often, the worse you get is paying the difference of what you owe. Additional penalties are negligible unless you're committing actual fraud. The IRS can tell the difference between a self-employed person who does their taxes poorly and owes a few hundred dollars, and someone abusing the system who hasn't paid thousands in outstanding taxes. Even if you do commit fraud, you likely won't even face charges unless the amount you've avoided paying is substantial. You'll just pay what you owe, even with easy-to-do payments, and be done with it. And even if this all is perpetrated by incels, if someone is doing their taxes properly, then there is absolutely no issue here. Yes, it's shitty that these petty kids are reporting Snapchat camwhores out of spite, but you really seem to think being audited is a big scary thing, when it's not.
all the screeching about "thot patrol" makes it hard to believe this isn't just slut-shaming with a phony-ass idealistic spin about taxation to cover it
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