• Online “Sex Workers” Are Scrambling To Cover Their Tracks After Being Mass Repor
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Yes it is lol. Ive been audited a dozen times. Didnt have any drama as I was prepared, because I did what I was supposed to do and reported all my earnings correctly.
fucking incels ruining everything we should put them in jail for being little bitches
Considering 4chan's motif is a 4 leaf clover, this whole site sounds like /pol/bait
lol nothing is ruined; anyone can still run their premium snapchats and send their dirty panties to random people on the internet now you just have to pay ~12% on your income like the rest of us now a mirror booty shot will only make you $88 per lonely recipient instead of $100
If you want to tax sex workers, legalize sex work. Would also dramatically improve safety for both sex workers and clients, as well as reducing occurrences of human trafficking and eliminating a notable financial leg of organized crime.
If you go on 4chan there is a significant part of that, but, really, these people should be paying their tax. It's downright unfair that people can get away with not paying tax, sure it can be framed as a 'reporting them to the IRS is misogyny' (like the people in question are trying to do) but if they've broken the law, they've broken the law. If they were in the UK, £10k of avoided tax would buy and keep a kidney dialysis machine working for a year on the NHS.
Actually that's illegal if there's any bodily fluids on them. It's a biohazard risk which has to be correctly labeled, and I guarantee they're not.
That's assuming they're actually worn, frankly I don't know how it works. Never got the appeal personally. Sounds like they wouldn't be though; I see that as a lesser issue than tax not being collected however.
Also "The AJ Show" at the top is the Alex Jones Show. This source is a crackpot.
Sex work is basically 100% legal here (Well, the east coast) and it's strange to see how many places there really are where it isn't. Seems to be a culture of mass shaming it, especially in the US.
That's the problem, they're not targeting people for breaking the law. As I said earlier, this is just incel channers generating excuses to be incel channers.
I've been audited, and literally nothing you said here is correct. At no point was it implied that I had committed tax fraud. At no point were my assets frozen. I was off (by a very small margin- misreporting on capital losses), and I paid the discrepancy to IRS, and that was that. Why are you making stuff up?
https://i.imgur.com/HbAKBWU.jpg Huh.
"Cyber prostitution" god these people are fucking pathetic
Well shit, if you get paid to report them, why wouldn't you? Sounds like easy money to me.
Being worn is typically the entire point, with most sellers even charging extra for things like wearing while working out, wearing for multiple days without showering, wearing while masturbating, etc.
Did somebody leak the tax returns of every instagram model or something?
Not being a scumbag that wants to hurt women because of your deep-seated resentment toward them, for one
How To Report A Tax Cheat The IRS is not likely to pursue someone without good reason. If the time and resources are going to be spent, the odds need to be good that the efforts will result in a payoff. Besides determining who, what, where, when and why the person evaded his or her taxes, the IRS will need specific information (type of violation, availability of books or records). Having a hunch without supporting details just isn't good enough. Also ensure that the evasion is financially significant enough. For example, stating that your neighbor failed to report a $50 babysitting earning is not going to interest the IRS. On the other hand, if you work for a large business that you suspect is underreporting its income, the IRS will likely be very interested. This is stupid primarily because these tips are worth nothing to the IRS and as such they aren't going to bother. Aside from the shitty motivation to report these people it's also not going to result in anything. Internet being stupid as usual.
I just think it's annoying matching with someone on tinder only for her to ask me if I wanted to buy nudes. So if something like this puts a stop to people on those kinds of platforms, then I'm in support. That's why backpage was good, you knew what you were getting, now these people are just spread all over the place. I just want to be able to hit women up on tinder without them trying to run a sale routine on me.
Resentment? Nah man they're doing this for the lulz, quite literally
How old are you out of curiosity
18, why
I think it can be agreed everyone should be responsible and pay their fair share of taxes, but also mass reporting a bunch of people to the IRS to own the "thots" is kinda pathetic.
Sure, but I'm also basically very indifferent to it as well. Maybe there'd be no dumbass thotcrusade against these people if they were just paying their taxes all the same.
Yeah, most of this shit just reeks like sexist dogwhistling and "MEN RISE UP" garbage to me. These jackasses should still be prosecuted for doing The Ole' Capone but the way people are framing it really shows their revolting true colors.
If they are evading paying tax, they've broken the law. It doesn't matter if they're being reported just because some incel has an axe to grind. If they haven't avoided tax then they've nothing to worry about. Thing is though, a lot of these people probably haven't been paying tax on their 'business'. That's why the people on 4chan have been asking the women for their direct bank details (in addition to their app accounts). If they've been using a personal card to get money from their business, then that can be regarded as a form of book-keeping. Various accounts on adult websites and apps can also be used to determine how much money has been taken and not declared as well. In short, these people can be investigated by the IRS if their bank details and account details are shared. The way the IRS calculates tax recouping efforts will be a investment/return ratio. If it'll cost them x amount to investigate someone (manpower hours, usage of government systems) and then y in legal/correspondence costs, they'll need to expect to recoup z in order to make it worth it. Hence some less popular girls online will probably be fine, but a lot of the larger accounts will come under fire for this. I imagine that some of the 'superstars' or popular niche girls will have been making a lot of money from this, probably untaxed, so will be investigated.
Give it 5-10 years and you probably won't find it as funny. I too was once 18 and I probably would've thought it funny too This is a actually a really good time for you, you should ditch the shitty 4chan tier news sources, stop referring to women/sex workers as thots or whatever, don't be mean "for the lulz". The next few years are your true formative years, be your own man and be a good person
I don't approve the reason people are doing this for, but I don't approve tax evasion either. This is one of those times you can feel superior to both parties without looking like a tool.
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