• EU leaders agree on Brexit Deal
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Just a shame it's unlikely she'll get the UK Parliament to agree on it
we're fucked anyhow. I can't see any outcome other than a no deal if parliament vote it down, which they should because it's shite.
No Deal is better than a bad deal.
And you know what's better than that? No Brexit at all.
lmao no deal is a bad deal.
And you know what's better than that? Brexit.
Not according to facts. Same facts that have been given to you in literally every other thread about this topic.
I wish I could be you sometimes. Must be nice being so flexible. So strong, and stable.
but if they don't agree will it mean no deal? coz no deal would be a disaster far more than this shitty deal
staying in power as a kingmaker of the EU instead of being that piddly little island between france and ireland?
You literally cannot make a deal that's worse than no deal, though. No deal means everything is at it's worst possible state, where even the worst of deal means that something has been salvaged from the shitshow.
How long until Scotland's in the EU?
They are right now
I think the majority of MPs will be thinking voting it down is the closest thing to forcing another referendum, or voting it down purely because it's not what anybody voted for. May's deal isn't much better than a no deal to be honest. It simply subjects us to all the issues of the EU with little of the benefits.
Literal "no u" response, come on, you can do better than that.
Boilrig, you may be in New Zealand, home of Middle Earth, but for the love of god. Stop living in the land of fantasy. Brexit is fucking over the UK. We are not getting anything from it.
Put a sock in it already, you're embarrassing yourself.
he's not living fantasy, Boilrig thinks he is mentally and psychologically British nationalist cartoon character than real New Zealander.
He actually can't though. He is on record admitting not only that the only possible benefits to Brexit will arrive at some indeterminable time but more importantly that he doesn't actually care that much about it. The only reason he still posts about Brexit is because it gives him attention.
And I've said before, the GDP loss as well as other economic issues are well within tolerance compared to the shitstorm of ignoring the vote, and then eventual leaving regardless. Strong and Stable had to be the worst line in the history of politics. I believe Merkel's comments the other day have basically secured the point to leaving. I mean, unless of course you are tied to EU rules without a vote, I'd rather have the ability to shift the legislation in favour of my country than be in a customs union but hold no vote. I would imagine everyone living in the UK is directly affected by it. No.
If you wanna trade with the EU in any way, you have to comply with their standards anyway. Might as well have the perks of the customs union if you're forced into compliance no matter what. No-deal still means they have to live up to EU standards for trade to be possible.
Which is fine if you already hold the standards currently, not much changes there, as does every other country that trades with the EU.
Well if you're gonna comply with EU regulations anyway, why the fuck wouldn't you also be in their customs union? Weirdly enough, with you being banned it feels slightly less like arguing with a brick wall.
Unfortunately I think that he's physically unable to feel shame or empathy.
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