• Trump Threatens to Close Mexican Border Permanently Amid Tensions
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https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/418184-trump-threatens-to-permanently-close-border-amid-escalating-tensions Fucking yikes
Sure, why not, that totally sounds like a plan that won't end up biting you in the ass...
https://forum.facepunch.com/pd/buczm/Trump-demands-someone-stop-the-9th-Circuit-Court-of-Appeals-ruling-against-him/1/ How authoritarian
That's a pretty good way to cause economic trouble.
Imagine if the makes that recession that's supposed to happen around 2020 happen even sooner.
"Come the legal way" they say, as all legal avenues are totally shut down.
That's been his plan from the start, obviously. This has never been about legal/illegal immigration -- not for one second. The thin veneer of old euphemisms is quickly peeling away to reveal the simple, ugly truth: we are watching the seeds of ethnic cleansing, carefully nurtured by decades of right wing propaganda, finally beginning to sprout.
I guess you are big and dumb
Imagine being so scared of Hispanic people that you would permanently close the border because a few tried to go through a fence.
what will trump do about planes and boats, where most immigration is these days
yeah okay lmao try it dude
do it. Crash the economy and force the GOP to reckon with the fact that he's a xenophobic moron with entirely too much power and no oversight.
Can you be abit less melodramatic? it takes away from your points I see you try to make
Wow, you sure showed him.
Thanks, can I get my epic zingers now?
I've heard rumours of a pre-recession period as early as the next six months. And that's from credible sources, they're just not sure exactly how badly the economy is being fucked at any given time because of how uncertain anyone can be of the US government's actions, etc. Best advice: If you didn't sell all your stocks a few months ago before the decline, don't sell them for a few years now. It is a horrid time to sell, keep your resolve and forget you even have stocks if you must. You can't imagine how horrid it feels to look at the remaining scraps of a portfolio in the US market and see about -$200 YTD, but it doesn't feel near as bad as if I hadn't sold out most of my portfolio last year.
On the back of terminating protections for DREAMers, mass deportations, children being torn from their parents and thrown into prison camps, unarmed women and babies being tear-gassed at the border, explicit permission being given by the president to use lethal force against refugees at the border, refusal to extend lawful visas, refusal to recognize lawful permanent residence, refusal to honor asylum agreements for Hispanic refugees, and threats to permanently close the Southern border to all immigration, you're calling me melodramatic for rightfully labeling what such actions are explicitly defined as? At a certain point the gaslighting becomes absurd enough to backfire, and I think we've just about reached that point.
idk man you kind of sensationlize alot and you basically removed all the nuance from any of the situations you listed Let me know when the "ethnic cleansing" really starts though. That language was just really out there
practically everyone in this caravan can't go home out of fear of death or worse, and trump is acting as if they are all criminals here to destroy america. like how little empathy do people defending him and trump himself have
First time investor as of November last year. Only own one specific company stock, the vast majority of my portfolio is in index funds and I'm down -$100 YTD so far. Sucks considering that over the summer I was seeing a 6% return. I'm hoping that it doesn't take too long for things to come back up, though I may just leave my account be for now, or if being optimistic it's discount season.
I mean they did storm a border There was and still is the application for Asylum method that was originally touted I believe by people here
I’m with you on this one. How much has to happen before we stop tolerating this escalating horseshit? The holocaust happened explicitly because people didn’t stand up again shit like this. We’ve already got concentration camps—we’re one mass grave away from being just as bad as Nazi Germany.
Definition of ethnic cleansing  : the expulsion, imprisonment, or killing of an ethnic minority by a dominant majority in order to achieve ethnic homogeneity It's already started. Thousands of children are currently sitting in prison camps. Deportations on an unprecedented scale are occurring. Lawful visas and permanent residence are being violated. Borders are temporarily closed to all immigrants and asylum seekers coming from those groups, with threats to make it permanent. Lethal force at our border has been authorized, if not yet used. We are, by definition, looking at the beginning stages of ethnic cleansing.
Isn't it a bit too late at that point?
and storming a border means that you deserve to be sent back to your home which you fled from out of fear of death in the first place????
I don't remember the part where the jews tried to illegally enter into early 1930's Germany lol so melodramatic
"its ok to put people in concentration camps if they enter the country illegally"
well if I got a couple hundred people to try to storm the border of canada, I kind of expect the RMC to pick us up and take us back, so yah? I mean, according to some people, I live in a country one step away from Nazi Germany. Maybe there really is a fear of death I gotta worry about
Seeking asylum is not illegal immigration. Can't make it any more clear than that. It doesn't matter whether or walked across a river, paddled here on a raft, flew in on a plane, tunneled under a wall, or passed through a border checkpoint -- refugees have a legal right to apply for asylum, and are guaranteed temporary protections and shelter while their applications are processed. The only people in violation of the law right now are the people who have ordered the use of force, up to and including death, to repel refugees desperate to exercise the legal rights our country agreed to give them.
Bro a large group of people stormed the border illegal a few days ago; Can you at least mention that instead of putting a "-" and then sidestepping to talk about the asylum process? Like totally agree with you there mate they got the right to apply, but that isn't what we're talking about. So yah, were talking both asylum and illegal immigration You seem to imply that if a giant group of people rush a border, that is just their legal right and there isn't a line for push back so a border can be enforced.
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