• London will lose €800bn to Frankfurt due to Brexit
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https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/29/london-to-lose-800bn-to-frankfurt-as-banks-prepare-for-brexit Well, that red bus is now turning in it's grave at the junkyard.
but £350m a week lol that's rad man
imagine watching a country die in real time
Imagine living in that country at the same time oh
"Let's take that 800 billion from our NHS" - if the bus was honest.
at this point we might as well just be taking all of our physical money, throwing it in a pile and lighting it on fire
what??? but i thought the magic money birds were meant to GIVE us money, not take it away!
one seriously has to wonder where the UK is supposed to even get the money required for Brexit at this point if they have to give the EU their massive sum, provide a backstop to withdrawing of EU development funds, fully fund the NHS with EU support leaving, pay for the science grants that are leaving and somehow keep businesses afloat through bailouts. its not like Britain hasn't been struggling with its finances for decades already.
Where they always get it from, there are two choices: 1) Tax people more 2) Borrow more The trouble with 2 is that it needs people to buy government bonds, and UK government bonds aren't looking as attractive as they once did.
well you can't raise taxes. That simply is impossible. Borrowing is something only socialists do so not that either, guess they can use the NHS buss to transport the cash.
The problem with 1 is that they tax the people who already don't have any money, rather than y'know, the people who have lots/all of the money.
We're watching a country commit suicide in real time
Wasn't this one of the very first things that was predicted at the start of this whole mess three years ago? That London would lose their place as a major financial center of Europe because these firms would just do exactly what they're uproot and move to Germany because they do so much work within the EU and all this uncertainty about the UK's future is so terrible for investment?
we'll cancel brexit, real talk fellas, it's gonna happen.
Even if Brexit is cancelled now, will those companies come back? I don't think so.
your first mistake is not assuming the absolute worst outcome will always happen
the correct attitude to have after 2016.
Its fine man, Boilrig will pay it.
Worst still we (London) voted to remain.
I love London, I love having weekend breaks there, it's just awesome, everything is different. I hope I can still go to London for weekends when Brexit happens.
We should have had this attitude before 2016 but we didn't and then 2016 happened. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. A saying as old as plans.
@Boilrig always seems to be strangely absent in these threads.
Oh there he is!
It's between one and two hours, not sure exactly. I know I've had a failed automerge on a post that said "one hour ago"
sounds like they are talking about assets (private company assets) not included in GDP so you won't be seeing 800bn fall off the GDP figures
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