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Facepunch Political Confessions Anonymous https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183/0b9c8f28-ae45-4ed8-8387-caaaae8efd9e/confessional.jpg I have been looking at a lot of Polidicks as of late and I find myself more often than wanting to vent about issues but not wanting to de-rail the thread or provoke a debate that I don't have the time or energy to deal with. Rather than try to make a space where people can't express opinions out of fear of backlash, why not have a thread where these opinions can be observed without the context that leads to attacks, hounding, etc? I think we can agree that we've all been somewhat guilty of this, so why not? I've set up an anonymous google form. I'll refrain from making responses, generally. I'll try to post them in batches on a regular basis. Some simple rules: No illegal, incriminating content. Don't get us in trouble. No "calling out"/explicit mentioning of other posters. If you're going to say something ugly, just remember that once it's out there, it's out there. ___________________________________________ Fill out a response here! 💬 ___________________________________________
Sounds like a great idea, i wonder what crazy shit is gonna be said.
I admit, sometimes I just want to smash people with different opinions than me. And I'm ashamed of it.
what part of "anonymous" did you not understand? I agree regardless
I get what you mean by smash, but in my mind, I was thinking smash
Pig-walking licences should be scrapped and freedom of movement for animals of the pork variety must be added to the law
you're biased
Submissions coming through: (1/2) Honestly, just want to see the pee pee tapes. I can't wait for Donald Trump to fucking die. I'd love to move far away from the US, preferably to Germany or the Netherlands, I'm fucking sick of the political bullshit here. We should put people with anime avatars in camps. With showers. I voted for a ukip and libdem council candidate just to spite corbyn I voted for Donald Trump and I do not regret it. im a hard left supporter as a person but on the internet I just shitpost racist, homophobic memes and call out people that use reason in most facebook groups. am I the problem or do I make the right look bad In my opinion, I think you're just kicking against the pricks. Someone else is probably going to say the same things you are, where you could instead counter it with something constructive, so why bother with your time (and conscious, may I add?) I'm always arguing with Boilrig but deep down I know he's right, Brexit is a massive success and I'm embarrassed I ever questioned it, but it's too late to back down now. I just have to stick to my guns and keep arguing, even though the Empire is coming back. Fuck my life
that last one is 100% boilrig
(2/2) The left is too tolerant towards the anti-intellectual right/alt-right. Dirty methods should be used to combat them. This includes using the same methods they use to suppress votes. Blackmailing, threats and even violence should not be out of the equation either. Sometimes I think all political parties should be purged clean and banned. Politicians would be forced to stand on their own merits and people would vote case by case instead of having to back X dickhead because they need Y party in charge. I think certain politicians deserve to be subjected to or intimidated with violence for their shitty policies. I feel like I'm more conservative or whatever than people think I am but I feel like coming close to admitting it or standing up for it would lose me my friends and alienate me from the FP community. It really makes me feel like asking for a P.ban though when I have to sit silently and watch people just repost the same "orange man bad" zingers then act like you can't be a functional adult who doesn't fully support banning all guns, blindly accepting everything that's LGBT, especially the T, and just whatever :( I know I could just not look, but for the last 3 years I feel like it's just gotten in to all the other subforums at this point, especially when the video sub got removed If hillary had won her lukewarm stance on climate change would still not save us, our only hope is an incredible reaction induced by trump that pushes us past the neoliberal consensus of "green" business. Donald Trump is just a conglomeration of desires dancing inside an orange corpse. Watching the political climate get worse and worse is kind of a weird fetish for me. I get turned on the more bad it gets with this whole Mueller thing. Honestly the past few days have been pretty good for me. ESPECIALLY TODAY. I actually think Macron's handling of international affairs is on point. It's just never the time to say a good thing about Macron.
It's okay I just got a shower.
I really hate to know that im sharing a forum with someone that literally masturbates to Mueller, thanks @tsar
youre cute 💜 im a popular poster on polidicks and im unironically antifa Donald Trump needs to go down, but Facepunch users need to chill with accusing every little thing he does as a conspiracy I voted 3rd party in the 2016 presidential election because I fell for the "but both sides" meme and because the third party candidate in my state was listed with a funny nickname like Firstname "Rocky" Lastname and it's been a dreaded secret of mine ever since I'm consistently surprised at how many other transgender people are here in FP, walking into a thread about trans rights and seeing like 6 people talking about how it effects them is wack cause I've only met like 3 other trans people my whole life I wish I had courage to tell all those dumdums on fp forums to stop being idiots and stop arguing with idiots like *******. It's the same shit as it was with ****. People waste time trying to prove him wrong, despite of him just being there to troll people and bait responses. It's annoying to see threads fill with ******* posts and how people (No matter how right they are) keep responding to him and get bited to a troll. Seriously, nothing will change no matter how you try prove him wrong. Stop it. I feel sick and tired Everytime I come to FP. I only come here for polidicks and I feel more loathing for my fellow Americans every time I come here. I would gladly trade the 2016 election for marching California, Oregan, and Washington into the sea like we did to the rebs of yonder year. Not only should every American have their gun seized, but all Americans who are found to currently own guns should be executed. This would weed out most of the Republicunts who are ruining this country
my coworker is educated, has a masters in physics and is a dumbass for believing trump is the least corrupt president ever because he isn't a republican
hmm wonder what those 4 asterisks spell out
Number 6 We don't even need the censored name it's so blatantly obvious.
I voted 3rd party in the 2016 presidential election because I fell for the "but both sides" meme and because the third party candidate in my state was listed with a funny nickname like Firstname "Rocky" Lastname and it's been a dreaded secret of mine ever since Hahahahahahahaha I voted for the same guy
The world is a mess and I just need to rule it i think when trump is out of office we should forcibly relocate all the people who voted for him to the migrant camps, and no this is not a joke Low-key hope for civil war to kill all those white people of the heterosexual-empire The US could do with another civil war. Fix that shithole of a country from the inside I feel wishing for people to not stab each other with word shives is looked down upon here. I wish it didn't feel like everyone talked in dogwhistles here :( Seeing repubs say shit like wanting to destroy blue states makes me feel the same towards them, but I don't even have to do anything because their own elected leaders do the work just fine. There are only two genders I hate Trump but I can't stop having fantasies about him tying me up, kissing my neck, and spanking my ketchup covered ass until its hot and raw
Whoever posted this is on to something.
idk how you could get that to work. It violates the 1st amendment firstly, and secondly you can't get politicians to not vote together strategically
i'm an idiot I never saw the link in OP this like searching "google" into Google ffs
As idealistic as it is, it's not remotely realistic.
We had an ex-military dude in the recent Florida midterms who was named Henry "Shake" Washington on the ballot, and if that's not a name badass enough to make you want to vote for them then I don't know what is, lmao. Apparently he wasn't a bad choice regardless based on experience either, but... *Cough*.
Incoming: I voted for Trump just because I knew he'd make the best memes. Wasn't wrong. Boilrig is just new Tudd and moderators are protecting him like they did with Tudd, he adds no value to the forums. Boilrig should kill himself, use the noose retarded. I'm scared we're at the point in our history where it's a downward spiral till humanity is gone, and it's never going to be as good as it was the previous 5 years ago, forever. I think one of the local trans posters idolizes John Money and it is very disturbing global communism is the only way to avoid the destruction of the human species within the next 150 years US politics makes me want to move out of this country or kill myself. I'm more inclined to do the latter because it's more economic. I was the kind of poster who would laugh at the autismic sorts of /Pol/ with the rest of Facepunch, but now I feel more at home there then I do here. Reconstruction never should have ended and the South should have remained a colony of the United States forever. KKK members should be arrested on mere association
I'm really worried about the world in general. I'm not the most politically educated person, nor am I very eloquent with what I say, so I usually keep quiet, lest I run my mouth and come across as a dunce. But it seems that in the meantime people who can't keep their mouth shut got center stage, and now there's all this RAGE and FIGHTING, even moreso than before, and I do take sides on issues, and I try to be reasonable when possible, but sometimes people can be so obtuse and unwilling to understand it drives me crazy. All I want is a world where individuals can be who they want to be anddo what they want to do within the confines of their own little social bubble. But so many things have been hotly debated recently. It's been eye opening on several fronts, yes, but it's also made everyone madder and madder. It worries me, and I feel the need to speak up sometimes, but would another voice that doesn't know what it's doing really help in a substantial way? I worry sometimes. The best The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.
I'm an American and I think the south is a shithole that should still be paying for the civil war. The presidents after Grant didn't do enough to stop the south from turning into a racist wannabe theocracy and they're still bringing down our image and politics to this day Not sure how much of this thread is meant to be a serious response to some of these confessions but I think this viewpoint is interesting considering the federal government fairly recently lifted oversight from elections in certain Southern states and they almost immedietly went about curtailing voting rights that coincidentally impacted minorities disproportionately.
The issue is you kinda need to care even though it's a pain in the ass. If you don't care then only the loud minority has their voices heard and that only ends up feeding into things getting more extremist and landing us in situation like the one we're currently in. Constant vigilance is the only way to counteract these sorts of people. And these sorts of people are always going to exist and try to subvert what we have for their own personal gain.
I worry every day about the state of the world. I really worry that Climate Change is going to end our current way of life within my lifetime, and increase tensions even moreso when climate refugees become more and more common. I worry about far-right parties using fear-mongering about the refugees to gain power. Fear and Hate have proven in the last two years to be powerful tools, and fear will be plentiful as climate change becomes less managable and harder to ignore. I worry about far-right parties removing the health-care programs in my country because I rely on a medication that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise just to survive. An entry level take. I unironically believe that we need to kill politicians that deny climate change. They are destroying the future of our entire species and destroying them first is valid self-defense. Sriracha Take. Honestly it's fucking hilarious seeing a whole country go into meltdown One Michelin Star: A "Very Good Take" I sometimes hope for disasters to be worse than they ultimately end up being. This is because people are more likely to take them seriously when they are extreme - if ten thousand Floridians drown in a hurricane, they will be more likely to take them seriously in the future. I suppose, however, that low death tolls might actually be indicative of people taking warning seriously - which is my wish, anyway. Wafting air onto tongue regarding potential conflict between russia/ukraine: this is when we'd need to go to war if global climate change was to be kept within critical bounds FUCK U PUTIN NUKE ME LET MY BLAST SHADOW TERRIFY THOSE TO COME a modern "pompei citizen jacking off" but in bas relief against a wall laptop on chest, hand on dick My large, perfectly round Italian son, putting his fingers to his mouth, kissing them. What a spicy meat-a-ball!
Adopt. The kids are already here and living and in need of a place to grow and thrive. They also won't have inherited your genes, so this disease will likely be a non-issue for them.
Okay, so this is gonna be a longer one. Might want to make it a separate post. This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently, especially in relation to the recent "missionary getting rekt by island tribe" discussion we had where one dude was arguing with the whole thread about how the tribesmen should have been made responsible for the murder. While I don't think he was in the right (the argument that they have weak immune systems and the comparisons to border control do appeal to me), it was quite striking to me how some livid people were about this, and the arguments they were throwing at him. Sure, some folks (mods especially) were calm and were making very rational arguments, but a lot of people were basically just repeating different flavors of "omg u imperialist111!!", or "youre just like those dudes during the colonial times". So, it made me think and I want to get straight to the point: Whats the deal with colonialism? Why is it bad? Okay, that's a bit of a bomb right there, so I will ease it off. This is a legitimate, non-rhetorical question. Where I am from we are not taught _that_ much history of that period in school. Columbus, vasco da gamma, americo despuzzi, who discovered what first, that sort of stuff. But of course I know about the less glamorous side of things too: smallpox blankets, mr. belgium king's private holocaust, smaller or bigger genocides. But it doesn't take a history buff to notice that things are not exactly much worse then things that are happening in those regions anyway, right now, on daily basis. Sure, Syria might be a free independent country that is not a part of any bigger empire, but it doesn't stop the leaders of world powers to play chess with the lives of its population. In fact, its convenient for them - its not their country. Plenty of third world countries might have "democratic" in their name, but their democracies (if they even exist at all) mean very little when their populations are uneducated and the media controlled by regimes that suck away their natural resources to sell them to west. Some might say that this in in fact Neo-colonialism because west is buying said resources and often western companies extract them, but it is the local regimes, that often have wide public support, that are doing it on their own volition. The argument that I intend to make is simply an observation that people in the regions that were liberated from imperialism and colonialism (as well as those whose countries were never affected directly by it) are not exactly doing very well. To have a stable democracy that is functioning well, you need to have a population that is educated and makes reasonably reasonable decisions (some people might give trump and brexit as a examples of very unreasonable decisions made by western populations, but I would argue that they are outlines for a reason - most of the time, we are not doing that badly and are voting for the stable responsible parties instead of Burn Everything 3000). India is an example of a post-colonial democratic country that is not doing that bad and will likely successfully become a western-style nation in a few decades, but many other states were not quite so lucky. (Also I would be doing my argument a disservice if I dint mention that India did inherit a lot of its political system from its times as a British colony, which might have helped with the process). My point (wow finally I know right) is that I don't see third-world countries doing very well as sovereign nations. Sure, they would have been abused and treated as third-rate citizens by their first world nations under colonialism (just look how the US is treating Puerto Rico now, and the people living there are actually US citizens), but they would be stable and spared oppression - not to mention somewhere up the line there would always be some democratically elected dude responsible who would really not want to get his career messed up with his country's media uncovering such interesting topics like "genocide", "exploitation of workers", "systematic racism", etc. Whereas, the dictators that run those countries right now do not give a single fuck. They are "sovereign", so western leaders can trade and do business with them as equals. The idea of "sovereign states" has to be one of the most cancerous ones ever in history tbh. I might be vaguely practical in select cases, but otherwise just always results in human misery. Wherever there are states, there is war, and death and exploitation. Where there are just singular empires, there is peace, order and prosperity. I know that I am sounding like a cartoon villain right now (hail hydra), but its true and actually backed up by data (probably the only part of this, lets call it by name, rant to be so). Individual people deserve freedom, nations do not. For the record, I am not advocating for brutally reclaiming all African countries or something (somehow I don't even think the western leaders would like it very much, would probably mess up their election cycles), but I do think we need to end with this toxicity while talking about colonialism and imperialism. Regardless of what your proverbial Marxist profesor thinks of the matter, there are actually two sides to this discussion, I have only ever heard one. (unless there are like fifty right-wingers making books about how great imperialism is and I am just playing to their beats word for words, in which case Im sorry) Somebody might say some that the problems of the "developing" countries and cultures are theirs only and me trying to criticize them for it (or suggest that they might not be able to solve them on their own) is a sign of a "white man's burden", that it is a result of a belief that somehow white people are responsible for "civilizing" other cultures or something. This is wrong - it is precisely because I see no difference between the people who are dying every day in the third world and myself that I even care about their problems in the first place. Otherwise I would just lay back and enjoy my oil and imports. Okay, so feel free to rip my wall of text to shreds. Just try to base your arguments on something understandable, and not like, weird obscure Marxist theories of colored labor or something.
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