• J-M Le Pen fined for linking homosexuality to pedophilia
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This shit used to be the norm, but thankfully that died down
Even this guy's mad-bat daughter disowned him, so I don't imagine he's terribly relevant in France anymore.
its just a campaign violation, its not died down at all in terms of right wing conspiracies.
Wait he's still alive?
lmao his name is jean-marie like a girl
Trust me, a lot of shitheads still listen to him
Imagine that, punishing high-level politicians who spread misinformation or hate. What a concept.
Statistically it's true tho
have you ever made a post that wasn't incredibly stupid?
Statistically, you're a fucking idiot.
Not until you cite it it isn't.
"The Readings seem Correct Gordon..." https://puu.sh/CaBiY.png
I would imagine that sentiment expands beyond just the political boundaries.
report and move on.
This post was reported as flaming however I find it to be factually correct
I was prepared to take the hit. For science.
I'm still not entirely convinced you're a mammal.
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