• Polidicks User Council - Nominations are Open
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I am looking for 5 users to form part of the Polidicks User Council as previously discussed. Users must be nominated by other users. Once a user has been nominated three times by other users, they are through to the next stage which will be running for the council spot. Please only post once in this thread, you can nominate 2 users. Moderators can nominate a person and they instantly are through to the next stage. I will be reviewing this thread on 3rd December 2018 at around midday.
easy, i nominate judas
I would like to nominate @Dan The Man .
@Borealis That's very sweet of you. <3
nominate @karimatrix for this esteemed position. I trust his judgement
@zukriuchen @Borealis
@Borealis @Judas
@Judas @zukriuchen @Zonesylvania
i nominate @Grenadiac and @Borealis
I nominate @Grenadiac , and a secondary non-mod nomination of @Dan The Man
@Grenadiac and @Dan_The_Man
Nominating @Grenadiac
Nominating @Qbe-tex and @Boilrig
Nominating @HazzaHardie and @HumanAbyss
@boilrig for greater good.
You know what? I'll nominate @karimatrix ith absolutely no intention whatsoever (just kidding, I mostly want to see this subforum with healthy contrarian discussion and not having it devolve into mindless circlejerk)
@karimatrix gets my vote All part of the plan
I would consider killing myself if I had to watch over Polidicks. Also, through troll posting Boilrig's been nominated, it's like the 2016 elections all over again!
@zukriuchen and @Raidyr
So we're really going through with this idea, huh.
oh no
@Grenadiac and @Raidyr
@Grenadiac and @Zyler from me.
@Zonesylvania and @zukriuchen , i guess.
I'd like to nominate @Grenadiac and @Joey Skylynx
I nominate @Tudd Fudders as tribute.
@Big Dumb Patriot His passion for this subforum and politics in general will be major assets, and I trust him to be impartial in his judgements.
Even though I disagree with Skylynx politically, I actually think it's probably a good idea to have some right-wing people on the council too, if possible.
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