• Fuel tax riots in Paris and France : 80+ injured, violence across the country
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Context : In a rise of anti-Macron sentiment, huge riots were started against his new diesel tax, which hit poor countryside the hardest. It's been described as "end of the world vs end of the month" clash as theses are green ecology law. The governement's reaction the to unrest has been pretty poor, but when two leaders of the movement were offered to negociate, one of them immediatly left the room, because his demand that the meeting with the prime minister would be streamed on tv was denied. The riots continue and moved to Paris, with some peaceful protesters, but a lot of clash between rioters and anti-riot police as well, and a lot of free vandalism against parisians. Paris Protest https://twitter.com/MarcBettinelli/status/1068894364779388935 A lot of violent rioters are from far extreme right groups, some extreme left. Gregory Joron, of the SGP police union said: "It is people’s right to demonstrate, but extremist groups have already joined in. "Groups intent on trouble are appearing from all directions. They include those from the extreme right and the ultra-Left." Police responded with water canon, and round upon round of tear gas - and this week’s measures are even more severe. 16 control points include ones at the Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde, at both ends of the Champs. Rioters set a museum in central paris on fire. This is in the same parc as the Louvres, the parc was completely vandalised. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/297971/4ba04c08-2751-423b-8dca-bb2aee897fdc/image.png Dozens of personnal and police cars, multiple buildings set on fire by rioters. Shops destroyed, pillaged, sometimes set on fire as well. Monuments vandalised. A mob went through our street and destroyed absolutely everything they could, we stopped multiple fires ourvselves because firefighters are overwhelmed.
they need to step up and fix this otherwise the french people will elect LePen next.
I don't believe le Pen will ever win presidentials, but european/local elections are another story. Her party is fueling the riots, many gilet jaunes are far right voters in the first place. Both far right and far left groups are behind the vandalism.
Macron is a fool if he never thought it would end up like this. You're forcing people who's lives depend on cheap diesel vehicles because of low diesel prices and low fuel consumption (and also high reliability most of the times) to dish out more and more, forcing them to change, which surprise surprise, ends up in making them waste more money. These people can't take public transportation either for sure, because it sounds like the people this is fucking over, are the kind of people that would instantly jump on the opportunity of saving money on fuel, or anything else available.
This movement quickly turned into a shitshow as expected. As soon as it went from protests against fuel taxes to an anti-Macron, and by extent a populist movement, of course extreme political parties who pretend to care are jumping on the occasion to talk shit on the government and get brownie points for the next elections. Now everyone and their grandma organize similar protests through social media, whether left or right winged. This often results with protesters disagreeing with each other by having different demands and goals. Add morons who use the protests as an excuse to smash shit, and cops who were apparently ordered to gas and beat up everyone wearing yellow and this is what you get.
Most of the diesel price increase had nothing to do with Macron's tax, and it now stabilized. It was a petrol price increase in general - but the tax was an easy target for populists. Macron was giving tax cuts at the same time, they went under the radar because the petrol went that high.
If he really wanted to do that and face minimal backlash, he should have had an "alternative" prepared that is available to everyone. As you said a lot of people outside cities has either poor (unreliable) or non-existant public transportation. Doing this without offering anything back is stupid at best, it's pretty much him saying "Deal with it". Nevertheless riots like shouldn't happen. Trashing people properties that have nothing to do with the government makes me sick. Having streets look like warzone is just a sad view and I would be seriously scared to live there.
It is scary. Alot of my neighbors support gilets jaunes, yet the mob went through and destroyed everything - a garbage can fire started spreading to a building. We asked a father and his 2 sons why they were doing it, told us to go die. This is what facebook does to people, honestly. They rile eachother up against exterior groups, share lies and populist shit spreads like never before. That combined with french people screaming "MAY 68, JUILLET 1789" every single time this happens, like that's relevant today. Everyone has gone mad.
I can't speak for the French but I worry unrest like this will get more common as our dependency on fuels and our attempts to fight climate change class more and more. Widespread adoption of Affordable, long range, electric cars can't come soon enough.
Fuuuck off, they desecrated the "arc de triomphe", one of the most famous French monument How is this appropriate?! Some of the place in Paris look like a war scene, they stop firetrucks from putting out fires THEY lit, they beat up lone police officers for shit and giggle, and make living in Paris hell like Fuck them, and all of those who support these violence
Individualized transportation is still incredibly inefficient and not great for city planning and poorer folks. Free electric mass transit options are needed with vast networks of bike lanes and then electric cars for those that really need them. A variety of solutions are needed but mass transit and pedestrian/bike friendly infrastructure needs to be the backbone.
Obviously not, it wont help at all and will just brand people as criminals when they're just pissed. But yeah, Macron should have had a plan in that case.
You don't pillage a city and destroy absolutely everything in your path when you're "just pissed". I saw the mob. They were just destroying everything mindlessly and stealing shit. Fuck them. Macron has always made the distinction between protesters and criminals who are just here to cause chaos. His reaction wasn't the best, but most of the fuel price spike isn't even his doing, and all of this is just an excuse for shitheads to cause chaos. Even the "peaceful protesters" are full of shit, comparing their tantrum for more buying power to the overthrowing of the monarchy, forcing everyone to say "fuck macron" or they don't pass road blocks. They're even asking for shit like the Senate to be removed, yeah how apolitical of them. It's cult like bullshit.
Snipers were deployed https://twitter.com/1Happeningnow/status/1068982457440047106
some more clips https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/225943/45861ba5-8fcd-43f3-a143-fbb1575f7d2f/9cd52c0835edf4dd.mp4 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/225943/d5cbbfd5-74c2-4fbf-8e06-ec36d5a783d7/500c1fd46f0b7ba1.mp4 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/225943/bd55d55b-694f-4525-bacd-2162e087bea2/cce93abef37cc649.mp4
We're talking about people who probably do the same over their soccer team losing so...
That first clip isn't from France. That's not a French police car. It actually says "Police" in Dutch.
'Yellow vest' protests spread to Netherlands
Might be Brussels, since they're having their own issues with these idiots.
As a glimmer of hope, in the first video (from France), where you can see a police officer getting beaten up, there's two or three dudes trying to get him up and save him. And then someone try to make him fall 10 seconds later. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110585/20a0e2da-0e7c-4b76-a684-0c7fd75edcce/image.png There's a Police union asking for Army intervention, this is truly getting out of hand They are talking about going into emergency state (we are already in a lite version of this) And it all started because the government increased the diesel tax by 7,6 cents per liters and petrol by 3,8 cent per liters back in January The whole thing was planned back in 2012. It was modified by the current gov to be a faster increase due to the impending doom of global warming
TBH, given the revendications given, this seems to be more of a last straw than the main motivation behind the protests.
are yellow vests the new Yellow Turbans??
That clip is from Belgium, it's a Belgian cop car
And mainly because oil prices looked like this this year https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/297971/a22ccb31-2aea-4883-81cb-d1fcb9893d2d/image.png See the last spike? That's when the riots started. And now it dropped to its lowest since 2017. Completely unrelated to Macron. But a lot of complete lies were spread on facebook to generate more anger and rise violence. As I said above, people just buy anything they read on facebook.
This reminds me of the riots we had in London around 2011, a lot of generally angry sentiment towards the government combined with opportunism leading into anarchy and chaos. It's really worrying that a firearm might have been stolen in the middle of this with the potential for more to go missing in the middle of this shit. I can't blame people for being angry towards the government but this is pointlessly damaging.
Hmm, i wonder when russian trace will be found about this endevaour...
https://twitter.com/Karl_Downey/status/1067128383090450461 https://twitter.com/NBbreaking/status/1069308092624629760
Coincidental this all starts around the same time Russia is mucking around in Ukraine...
I havent seen evidence of russian influence on social media etc so I wouldn't call it, but it's a possibility. The french far right is linked to russia, and far right party and ultra right groups were very involved with the riots.
Russia loves to dick around when the West is busy dealing with internal conflicts. It suits their interests not to have competition.
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