• Citing Russia threat, Ukraine boosts security at ports, power plants
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Well if it makes you feel better, I can assure you that neither Russia nor the U.S. particularly cares about Ukrainian sovereignty, they are both interested in exerting influence in Ukraine in order to safeguard their economic and security interests. The best thing that Ukraine can hope for now is a compromise between Russia and U.S. which keeps Ukraine as neutral because, as I've repeatedly stated in this thread, Russia is not going to back down when the Ukraine is vital to the long-term security of their country. What people need to realise is that this is not a conflict driven by ideology, self-determination, revolution, or what is "right" or "wrong". It is almost entirely about geography, foreign policy and the historical consequences of the geographic layout of Russia, something which isn't exciting or emotive enough to get clicks or to sell newspapers. This is a good article from Foreign Affairs about it if you want to know more. https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/02/12/russias-clash-with-the-west-is-about-geography-not-ideology/
thanks for furthering my point.
You never had a point. Just a sarcastic misrepresentation of my assertions which I supported with claims made by foreign policy experts, but keep up the drive-by zingers mate and don't worry about actually debating me in good faith.
It's not about the US.
The article provides a very compelling explanation as to why we've ended up in the current geopolitical situation and why Russia is acting the way they're doing. But the historical geopolitics of the region doesn't justify Russias actions today. Russias desire to maintain large buffer zones around its borders in the form of eastern-european vassal states for protection against a hypothetical future invader are trumped by the wish among those same nations for sovereignty and westernization. Yes, the US pulled a really sneaky one through the implementation of the Marshall Plan and the creation of NATO (a move which undoubtedly had anti-Russia motives), but Europe came out better as a result. Russia is understandably upset about their sphere of influence shrinking due to economic and diplomatic incentives, but you can't fault European states for taking what is objectively a better deal; Integration into the western economies and alliances versus a half-hearted assurance that being ruled by Russia won't be so bad.
"But the historical geopolitics of the region doesn't justify Russias actions today" You've literally admitted that article gives whole explanation to Russia's actions and in next setnence you contradict yourself.
Explain != justify
See, thing is, Russia itself are usually not against being part of the western world and western alliances, there is even was a situation, where Russia were an important member of such alliance, Entente. But for some of the western powers, for example, USA, accepting Russia as a equal part of the western world, will cost them significant amount of their influence and power. Continuing my example with US, if Russia wolud be a part of NATO, there will be no ability for US to justify enourmous military strenght and presence all over the world, as most of remaining hostile powers (mainly China, North Korea) would've been kept in check by Russia, as they are bordering it, and threat of Russia itself would not be relevant anymore. Even Russia not being liberalized democracy is kinda lame of an excuse, as West had lots of opportunities to sway Russia in that way, but they choose to continue antagonising it instead. Problem, in my opinion, is that West directly benefits from having an powerful enemy, like Russia. Having real, significant threat, is one of the easiest ways to keep people together, and loosing that will result in instabilities, as it will be harder to distract populace from the fact that most politicians barely doing their work, and only care about their own power and not about people who helped them to get it. And there is also obvious need for a strong military, which brings giant profits to military contractors, who will be very unhappy if they to lose their easy money.
your tom clancy fanfiction leave a lot to be desired
Imagine defending Russia
I think there's actually a Tom Clancy book where Russia joins NATO to fight the Chinese lol. Ends with President Jack Ryan blowing up an incoming nuke above DC or some shit
There were significant traction of the idea of Russia getting into NATO in the west. It ended because Russia was in utter shambles and was finally killed in the mid 2000's with Russia beating the ever loving shit out of its nehbors. Not because evil puppet master US wants to blow its money on the military.
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