• Decriminalization of Domestic Violence Was a 'Mistake,' Russian Official Admits
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water is also wet
People die when they are killed.
Wow no shit really?
welp, i guess someone in goverment had his bloodthirst clenched after beating his family members and now and they can reverse it back. fuck'sake.
There are a lot of ways to beat and cause pain to people while leaving minimal superficial traces. Not to mention the psychological trauma, of it happening in the first place, not knowing if it will escalate further, etc. Just because something doesn't leave big, obvious marks doesn't mean it isn't abuse. My sympathies to those who have to endure the law bending to the will of their abusers.
Then fix your mistake, you worthless shitheads.
Jeez, how stupid can you be, what is hindsight, the headline could very well be a onion article.
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