• Absentee ballot envelopes in North Carolina fit into "a pattern of fraud"
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https://popular.info/p/exclusive-absentee-ballot-envelopes The Congressional race in North Carolina's 9th district, where Republican Mark Harris is leading Democrat Dan McCready by just 905 votes, has drawn national attention because of highly unusual patterns in mail-in absentee ballots. Gerry Cohen, the former special counsel for the North Carolina general assembly and an expert in the state's election law, told Popular Information the envelopes "fit in with a pattern of fraud." Typically, there would be a wide variety of witnesses for absentee ballots. A random assortment of voters chose to vote by mail-in absentee and then have family, friends or co- workers serve as witnesses. The ballots obtained by Popular Information, however, show that a small group of people served as witnesses for these Bladen County ballots. Some of the witnesses signed more than 40 absentee envelopes. Several of the witnesses are related to Leslie McCrae Dowless, the man at the center of the controversy who has previously been convicted of felony fraud. In 2016, McCrae Dowless admitted to running an operation where he paid people for each absentee ballot they were able to collect. The operating allegedly involved paying "people to obtain absentee ballots, fill them out, and cast their votes on someone else's behalf," according to an exposé on This American Life. In all, a group of just eight witnesses appear on over 130 of the 162 absentee ballot envelopes obtained by Popular Information. In many cases, these witnesses were working in concert. James Singletary and Lisa Britt, for example, witnessed almost 30 ballots together. J. Michael Bitzer, a professor at Catawba College whose analysis of the anomalies in the North Carolina vote first revealed potential problems, agreed that the ballot envelopes showed "obvious coordination… to bring forward ballots." Bitzer called the patterns of witnesses on the envelopes "remarkable" and agreed that they fit into the mosaic establishing potential fraud.
Republicans love to harp on voter fraud but are completely silent about election fraud.
One does not harp on the cards up one’s sleeve. Unless it’s projection.
It's kinda funny how you can always tell when republicans are doing something, just because they accuse democrats of doing it Projection is a hell of a drug
https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/1069700433994833920 https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/1069700944751939590
to be fair they tend to neglect investigating themselves for crimes they commit.
https://twitter.com/JoeBrunoWSOC9/status/1070014297923833857 The article says Cheryl Kinlaw witnessed 14 absentee ballots.
I hate this fucking state
https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/1070543855924244481 Harris is the candidate and Dowless is the fixer.
Republicans are a cavalcade of fascists and fuck ups
I really, really hope the Mueller investigation leads to Trump being impeached, and that this causes the Republican party to splinter. At this point they're too dangerous to allow to continue existing. Let American conservatives form a new party, the GOP needs to burn to the ground and have its ashes salted so that it never rises again
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