• EU's top law officer says UK can cancel Brexit unilaterally
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https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-46428579 The ECJ will issue a proper ruling on the question soon
Come back, UK, we have tariff-free cookies.
Don't be deceived, they have just donned their dinner napkins to devour every last piece of our economy.
Do it pls
Brexit has made me so pessimistic, every time there is a possibility of good news I know that the government will do the opposite
turns out we could just cancel Brexit and keep all our existing privileges and our special status. Just imagine the fantasy land where everything goes back to normal and might just be able to start actually working on fixing the problems in this country, rather than insisting "this is for the best" while dousing it in gasoline and lit matches.
Just a feeling of course, but these past couple of days I have started to believe for the first time since June 2016 that Brexit could actually be stopped. There is a path to a second referendum in parliament and public opinion seems to have narrowly shifted towards Remain, but a lot of stars still need to align just right for it to happen. It feels like it's gone from 1% chance to 10% chance or something like that
Write 2016 off as a fever dream and just forget about Brexit please. None of the people demanding we leave have any idea what we'll actually do once we do leave and it's only going to mess everything up.
2019 Brexit halted Trump impeached/imprisoned Facepunch around and kicking PLEASE I'VE BEEN SO GOOD JUST 3 THINGS I NEED
just do it and do what's necessary to rein in any idiots still complaining about it.
Maybe the past 2 years have just made me pretty elitist about public opinion, but I'm not certain that remain would even win a 2nd referendum.
Yes. The UK can cancel Brexit and remain, We can get rid of Trump and start tossing his crooked administration (Most of which are already guilty of a crime) And finally, we can get back on the correct timeline. Phew
Cancel brexit and Farage can come back and jump start brexit v2 Electric Boogaloo
Hey, that sounds like a very good idea. Like a really good idea. Maybe something that UK should do, and could possibly, most likely. But will they do it?
Farage can slip on a wet towel for all i care. Don't let him be into politics period.
With a three choice option of May's Deal, No Deal and Remain it would as leave would be split in two.
nope suffer c: is literaly what they are doing
Good morning, your headlines today Britain has formally revoked Article 50, three years after the referendum in which they voted to leave the EU The disgraced ex-US President Donald Trump will appear in court today to face charges of corruption, while a number of his former aides await sentencing Protests have continued to intensify in Moscow where President Putin is coming under intense pressure to resign World leaders have signed the new climate change deal, dubbed "Paris 2.0", which will see fossil fuels and non-electric cars phased out globally within ten years The video game magnate Garry Newman has announced that the Facepunch internet forum will stay online for at least another decade
Well there it is, the absolute best possible Brexit deal just got handed to the UK on a free trade silver platter. Take it.
This feels better than you think it does
Your post hurts. In a good way.
So this the timeline we get when Smurfy is made mod I can live with this
From what I've seen in the last 2 years, May is too proud at this point to even consider the thought of cancelling Brexit. You'd have to drag her kicking and screaming "strong and stable" from parliament before she'd let Brexit stop.
It seems that the DUP has withdrawn from their agreement with the Tories, so this could very well happen by Christmas. May is effectively running a minority government and could be defeated by a vote of no confidence at any time.
Cancel Brexit. We'll all have a giggle and a laugh, and then we'll pretend the last two years didn't happen.
literally what iv'e been saying all along it was an ok yet controversial idea at first, turns out we were horribly wrong, everyone knows that it's a terrible idea and fucks us massively in the short term for some 'potential' in the future. why are we still going along with it?
yeah probably about time to call this whole thing off
I honestly think the UK is fucked either way. hopefully no one ever votes the conservative again, NI is probably pissed right off with nearly losing the border, half probably want to leave the UK and make a united Ireland and if people in Scotland aren't pissed about the whole thing then I don't know what to think anymore. Either way, if we leave or stay in the EU, I'm still voting to leave the UK. No reason to stay in a union that doesn't want our voices to be voiced on TV in a national debate, doesn't give a fuck about how Scotland voted and doesn't even try to pretend they care. but watch us somehow ignore this anyway
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