• Notification of Impending Polidicks User Council Election
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This is a notification that the following persons have been nominated to run for the user council. The council is limited to 5 slots. If you wish to withdraw from the running, please say so. The voting thread will go live on 5th December 2018 at 1800hrs GMT, or whenever I am around. This will give users just under 24 hours to prepare election speeches and materials. They are permitted to post this in a standalone thread. Election materials can be posted as soon as they are prepared. Votes will be tallied using ratings. One vote equals one entry into the lottery. удачи The lottery will take place on Friday 7th December 2018 at 1800hrs GMT. NOMINATIONS @Grenadiac @Borealis @Dan The Man @Boilrig @karimatrix @zukriuchen @HumanAbyss @Raidyr @seano12 @Zonesylvania
despite the problems I had with the mod elections way back then functionally, the actual election period was p. fun with all the propaganda people cooked up. i wanna see what people do this time
Who the fuck nominated boilrig and how bad are they at bowling
I vote for Karimatrix, Seano12 and Boilrig because lets be fucking real, if this Forum is going to die by Garry's hand it may as well be a mercy killing.
Da, this is good news.
I vote for Karimatrix and Borealis, because only russian can make the real changes to this shiet
So we got the brexiteer and putinist ? SMH in disappointment.
Boilrig will be voted for with diamonds
Pardon me, Hezzy, but can you explain the sudden (to us) arbitrary decision to select an arbitrary number of successfully-nominated candidates instead of listing all qualified candidates? You in the OP of the nomination thread: Once a user has been nominated three times by other users, they are through to the next stage which will be running for the council spot. You in the final post of the nomination thread as you locked it: Nominations are now closed. I will be tallying nominations and picking an amount of people that I haven't decided upon yet for voting I received three nominations, which should qualify me for the election, and yet I'm not there. But Boilrig and Seano are. I don't even know if I would want to accept victory if elected but this is some next-level what.
Hold the fuck on. You joined the forums 2 days ago, you have 2 posts - this and your nomination, yet you speak of "changes" ? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1356/eede6b96-f0d4-489b-bda2-ec308c3d86ac/lol.png @Hezzy can i just get "bots" to vote on people, because this is some tyrannical Russian-type of bullshit here.
I only have two nominations for you, I may have missed one. I will recount.
If you want to follow a TRUE Facepunch election winners materials, I suggest you look at my materials in the Mod Election 2016 thread, where I won an overwhelming majority and became the only person to gain Modship in the election. :^)
He is not, he is our local Skyrim seller on our local Discord server.
Appreciated. Mistakes are mistakes, but I saw a very unexpected discrepancy so yea. I definitely got three @mentions in the thread. If all it was was you missing one mention, no problem.
karimatrix. Сделаем америку снова лучшей.
> karimatrix Best is for the best make facepunch badass again
I'm selling my vote for 10 coins.
My apologies, I forgot to mark down your nomination from Alice. I have recounted and have posted my counting in #polidicks-council on Discord Boilrig X X X // Judas X X Dan The Man X X X Borealis X X X // Grenadiac X X X // X X X X X X Karimatrix X X X // Zukriuchen X X X // X Zonesylvania X X Qbe-tex X HazzaHardie X HumanAbyss X X Raidyr X X Zyler X Joey Skylynx X Tudd Fudders X Big Dumb Patriot X page 1 Grenadiac // X X X X X X X X X X Dan the Man // X X X X Borealis // X X X X Chryseus2 X Seano12 X X X // HumanAbyss X // X X X Feeble Oaf X Boilrig // X Raidyr X // X X X Jim Morrison X Elix X X Joey Skylynx X Sitkero X Firgof Umbra X Zukriuchen // X X Wickedplayer494 X 01271 X page 2(edited) seano12 // X Saint Furrybutt X Zukriuchen // X X Raidyr X // X Elix X // Karimatrix // X Cumpets X Hail Satan X AtomicSans X Revenge282 X page 3
10 coins!? I'm only selling mine for 1 measly diamond
I'm ready for the alt-right wave to hit Facepunch
FP: Why do people vote Saudi Arabia on to the UNHRC? Also FP: Boilrig karimatrix Raidyr seano12
are you counting ratings on posts? i had 6 people rate agree on my nomination of Raidyr and Zuk instead of posting nominations themselves.
Oh boy can't wait for people to do literally the same thing that did in the election and throw their vote away to a known wackjob!
hey remember last time when everyone meme'd the last nutjob into power for epic lulz? can we not do that again
I love this concept in theory, but I don't trust democracy in the hands of normal people, and this is fucking facepunch lol Despite this actually being a pretty politically even group of people, there is still a nearly 100% chance Seano12, Boilrig, and Karamatrix win the most votes for the "lols" or whatever, presumably
Don't you fucking dare slander seano
I see this ending well
Thank you denizens of facepunch for nominating me. I may or may not prepare something for the voting but I will definitely be preparing my acceptance speech.
I hope you and boilrig don't delude yourselves into thinking anyone actually likes you
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