• Notification of Impending Polidicks User Council Election
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Aw my fee fees are hurt nobody wikes me
Good job torpedoing your campaign
Really doubt Hezzy would mod either Boilrig or Seano12, one's a pretty shit troll the other completely mad and constantly threadshitting.
I thought they were just there to advise on the rules and wouldn't outright become moderators.
Is there actually a lottery element to this lol
nobody knows what the political council is supposed to be they just vote boilrig karimatrix and seano cuz it makes people mad
I dunno why quoting in code tags works so strangely but I was trying to quote both Raidyr and Elix here. Looks like Raidyr actually did have three nominations already when I nominated him so that was kinda superfluous. Oh well, guess that's what I get for not keeping count as I read the thread. PD user council won't be mods, though from what I recall they will have a direct line to mods to recommend bans so it'd still be a retarded idea to elect either of them. (And karimatrix is a shit choice for unrelated reasons.)
Where the fuck is Tudd
I never banned anyone before, chill comrad
I sure do love a good popularity contest... Feels like high school class elections/homecoming/prom all over again.
Are you incapable of reading? (And karimatrix is a shit choice for unrelated reasons.) You're a shit choice because you're transparently a Russian shill. Expecting you to be unbiased is like expecting the Sun not to shine. Ain't going to happen. Ergo you're a shit choice.
That's like, just your opinion, but i respect that and can promise that it will be heard on firing squad council meetings, i can assure you.
Why have one nutjub when you can have two! Here's what should be done. Limit the amount of seats to two, and have @ASparkle and @Sgman91 fill out those seats. Have all their discussion be livestreamed with ads to pay for the domain name, and use the heat generated by them to power the servers! Not only will it keep forums.facepunch.com alive by perpetual shitstorm, but it will also ensure that all decicions will be perfectly centered!
I've always wanted to see what The Soviet Union Russia was like during the 40s - 50s
Only on FP could a thread about trying to improve the forums morph into shit-slinging so quickly. It's really hard to gauge how this will all go, but I do think it's important for those elected to be as impartial as they're able.
i think since the council is having five members it all about of presence of all political spectrum that agrees on mutual decision rather than pale face neutrality of each member.
This will be the end of Seano12's campaign, says increasingly nervous user for 6th time today
Let's maybe keep the conversation more civil. Not saying to to voice your opinions, but inflaming never helps.
I shall stand as the true Guildist candidate!
If people vote for me, I promise that FP will become a burgeoning kitten and fudge-based democracy within 2 weeks.
Vote for me and I promise to do my best, and be as impartial as possible.
What do you mean ? 1 out of 5 mods we elected last time have survived up to this point, that's like, an incredible 20% success rate!
oh no
I didn't think I'd actually be nominated. When I came home from work and read this thread I thought it would be a great idea to have Big Man Tyrone do a pitch for me and I'd post that here. I really don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for big man tyrone to make something for me in less than 24 hours so I will just make a text pitch. If I am elected to this position I promise to perform my duties responsibly. I understand that I would be playing the role of moderator-lite. What I'm most interested in is trying to keep threads on topic because what I have observed time after time are threads going off into weird tangents. I wish to facilitate a political forum environment where everyone has a voice no matter their political affiliation. I promise to treat all users equally despite their comments towards me, especially in this thread. I also promise to judge every post independently and without bias. A lot of my posts have been silly/satirical in nature. This was always to entertain myself and others. During my term I promise to give up posting anything silly/questionable.
RIP, your campaign.
After much deliberation and hard mathematical debate I am making a vote for seano12
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132997/1f6f8192-4917-481c-a1f0-ab37f7526e57/Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 3.07.47 PM.png
I'm voting for raidyr because I'm not gonna vote for a troll as a meme
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