• Vox: the far-right party that made shock gains in the regional polls (El Pais)
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https://elpais.com/elpais/2018/12/03/inenglish/1543831474_046256.html Those for don't know Vox (the Spanish political party) is political party split from People's Party from few years ago and reason they split was over more right-wing issues (including diehard Spanish nationalism like the Citizens but more worse) that PP can't stand with.
They exist since a decade ago, but only this year for some unknown reason they started to appear everywhere in all the media. With that, and how terrible the left was on this election ( literally sat down and publish memes ), they managed to get a bunch of seats. This is just a nightmare, is the same story with USA, Germany, Brazil and others, fascist fucks are surging like fungi everywhere and the media is launching them into sucess. PP was already far right, but these people are 100% fascists to the point they consider them as "center-left". These monsters wanna literally return to Franquism by removing all the social progress of the last half century. In fact if someone from here remembers one-two years ago, these idiots are the same who deployed a giant Spanish flag at the top of The Rock in Gibraltar. The worst of all is that unless a miracle happens on the next general elections, they are bound to get even more power. I'm at thousand kilometers from them yet I have fear, someone wake me from this hell.
Well, there are two options the political parties could take. They could do some introspection and look for the reasons they're gaining so much traction. It'd be as simple as looking at their claims! They could stop giving money to radical feminist lobbies that consider all men as potential rapists, propose law modifications so men->children and women->men and children->women/men aggresions have the harsher punishment men->women have. Or having men not have to prove their innocence in 'gender violence' cases. Or studying gender quotas. Or giving women extra points just for being women on public officer exams (fun fact, the same amount as disabled people!). They could stop sticking their hand on public television, or the Supreme Court, or the General Council of the Judiciary. They could propose a harsher policy on inmigrants; so temporary internment centers stop being overhelmed day after day, those who commit harsh crimes and those staying illegally have any chance at being deported, the totally-not-existing-at-all illegal immigration mafias being punished, giving guards at the borders any materials needed to properly do their job within legal means (and hopefully stopping quicklime and feces, unlike last time!). They could lower or remove taxes for entrepeneurs and new businesses (which is a p. good way to create jobs), simplify all the needed paperwork so it doesn't take forever. They could support clean energ-- oh wait, they passed a decree two months ago kinda doing that. Oh welp, just took five years to be able to have solar panels without paying for giving the leftover energy! Small steps, I guess. They could lower taxes from 21% back from 2012, remove taxes on inheritances, pensioners, long-term unemployed people. They could extend self-defense laws (ala Castle Doctrine), promote anti-occupation laws so they're kicked out in hours (rather than months/years). Or they could call them fascists, xenophobes and whatnot, same for their voters, and call it a day. Then be utterly shocked when that doesn't make them switch parties. Whew, worked up a sweat writing those far-right measures. Had to stop my left from rising up and doing the salute. (And yes, I'll admit they have some crappy claims inbetween, some of them I'll disagree with. But you'll never have a political party that matches you 100%. I throw these measures up here in one side of the balance, I throw in the other one private-only abortions, a ministry of the family (which is arguable, in a country with our age structure), protecting bullfighting and hunting, and a few more... And hey, it still sounds good! It must've done so for ~10% andalusians, too) Also, since you're so sure of them being fascists: what measures make you think that? Let's have this dance. I'm not even bluffing, I really want to hear actual reasons for them to be called far-right. Are they proposing to violate legality? I wouldn't say so. That's why they're a political party, to change it as needed and make their claims legal. Is it their claim of removal of autonomies? The constitution isn't a permanent paper after all, it just takes a long course to change (as it should). Plus, I haven't seen anyone calling the political party wanting a switch from monarchy to republic far-left. Or PSOE, with their violence gender laws as I mentioned before. Is it because they support violence? They aren't the party that arranged a protest just two days after a democratic vote, which resulted in burned trash bins, defaced showcases, the PP headquarters being attacked and riot-gear needed to control the situation (with two detained btw). Call me when Podemos or Pablo Iglesias condemn those acts. ...Wait, I get it. It's suppressing any attempt to break the nation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Even when allowed you'd need the majority of congress, parliament, and Spain itself to agree with it. Which isn't happening if Vox is the one with the majority, which would be need to impose such laws. Or is it the part about extra protections for the flag, stricter punishments for offense to Spain and its symbols? That doesn't sound like freedom of expression, indeed. Better give the bad news to Finland, France, Germany (lol oppresive dictators), Italy, Portugal, Philippines, South Korea... You get the point.
I mean, you are right. They are your typical right-wing populist party, which facists love to hide in, just like with the AFD in Germany. Source for following quotes: Before presenting their 100 solutions for “the living Spain,” the screens behind the speakers show images of some of the “problems” facing Spain right now: hooded ETA terrorists, republican and communist flags, migrants crossing the border, Femen activists, Islamic State. Typical fear mongering. An Air Force veteran and biker, Burgos says he does not want “a Muslim Spain.” Under his vest, there is a Francoist flag sitting “over my heart.” Obviously. We have to walk forward and speak the truth even if it is politically incorrect, without grey zones, without shortcuts, without fear of any kind,” says the leader of the party’s Madrid branch. Don't call us facists though, that offends us!
I don't pay that much attention to local politics but jesus christ this election is a dumpster fire. I actually took the time to read Vox's proposals and outside of the jingoistic and wannabe-francoist bullshit (which for the record, I really don't condone), a lot of it is trying to appeal to the working class. Not always sensibly mind you, but things like lower tax rates for small/new companies and the self-employed, or attempting to help new families reintegrate into the workforce aren't terribly bad ideas. Now, keep in mind that Andalucía currently has a 22% unemployment rate, and almost a 50% unemployment rate for under-25's, and was one of the regions that got repressed the hardest when we had actual murderous fascists in power, and that the historically big parties have had quite a few corruption scandals recently. Take a wild guess at what the left (mostly lead by the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party) tries to appeal to? The working class? More concerned about the wage gap and gender quotas than unemployment. Reducing corruption? The face of the Andaluz branch of PSOE is literally spanish Clinton. Pretty much every leftie I've seen protesting outside or on twitter complaining about the election results has talked about how Vox's gains is going to undo all the social progress for women, LGBT people, immigrants, muslims and other minorities made since we left the dictatorship. These people also happen to mostly be young people in or just out of higher education (virtually free here thanks to some generous government grants), the exact people not affected by unemployment, people whose livelihoods aren't affected by corrupt politicians or getting fucked over by some gender-based law, people whose employers don't drop them for undocumented migrants because it's cheaper to hire africans who just want to be able to afford their next meal than a spaniard or legal immigrant who actually cares/knows about labour rights. Ironically they're blinded by their own privilege to see why more people are turning to the right wing. It's because identity politics have taken over all discourse on the formerly worker's left and it's gotten me pretty pissed. also this
Everytime you open your mouth you do extraordinary terrible takes, Coment. How many times we do have to demostrate you this is straight false?
That's pretty much my entire point, like the US democrats in 2016 they got complacent, and haven't done anything to appeal to people outside of their usual voterbase while their current voterbase is hemmoraging away (50% of people didn't vote this election) because like you said, PSOE has held power here for 40 years and not much has changed. Meanwhile Vox's rhetoric is all populism, made to appeal to a majority, and it's fucking working. One of their proposals was to fund the tax cuts and cut down on corruption by firing thousands of mayors and other politicians, which is fucking insane but sounds appealing when our taxes and corruption are both ridiculously high. I was referring more to the people against Vox rather than the politicians themselves with this part, because nobody really seems to understand that the left's complacency and lack of appeal after so long in power and so little change,
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