• Texas GOP activist leader: "I'm a white nationalist and proud of it"
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https://www.texasobserver.org/damn-right-im-a-white-nationalist-declares-texas-gop-platform-committee-member/ At the Texas Republican Party’s 2018 convention, Ray Myers was a part of a select group of activists charged with crafting the platform for the biggest and most influential state party in the country. Myers is also a white nationalist, a fact that he declared last week. “Damn Right, I’m a WHITE NATIONALIST and very Proud of it,” Myers wrote in a Facebook post last Tuesday. Myers is a 74-year-old activist who has been involved in GOP politics for decades. But “the pivotal political moment came when Obama came on the scene. I knew immediately that America was in trouble,” he said in an Empower Texans profile. Soon after, he founded a tea party chapter in Kaufman County, just east of Dallas. Reached by phone on Friday, Myers insisted that he saw nothing wrong with labeling himself a white nationalist. “I am Anglo and I’m very proud of it, just like black people and brown people are proud of their race. I am a patriot. I am very proud of my country,” Myers said. “And white nationalist, all that means is America first. That’s exactly what that means. That’s where the president’s at. That’s where I’m at and that’s where every solid patriotic American is. It doesn’t have anything to do with race or anything else.” Myers told the Observer that he agrees with Trump’s claim that the media “is the enemy of the people,” and said the left is pushing a narrative to make white people ashamed of their heritage and to cast nationalists as racist right-wing Nazis, which he insisted “is the furthest damn thing from the truth ever.” “We’re just patriotic Americans, just like anybody else. I’m a tea party guy and I’ve got brown and black and American Indians in our tea parties,” he said. In June, Myers helped to draft the Texas GOP’s platform, a document that frequently draws attention for pushing the limits of mainstream conservatism. The 2018 platform includes numerous planks that espouse a nationalistic view, including a demand for using “English, and only English” voting ballots; “the reasonable use of profiling” to defeat radical Islamic terrorists; a condemnation of participation in the United Nations as a threat to U.S. sovereignty; an abolition of the refugee resettlement program; the prohibition of any sort of immigration amnesty; a constitutional amendment defining citizenship “as those born to a citizen of the United States or through naturalization,” among many others.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/716/4365a4f3-3752-4be5-b7ea-b7a263d9af58/image.png a true Aryan brother
nobody disputes the nazis were patriotic germans either but patriotism is just an adjective not a virtue making things right.
People like Ray Myers would disagree, anything done for the good of the country is good in the end. Ends justify the means and all that.
Step 1: White Nationalism Step 2: ? ? ? Step 3: America First! Why do I feel like Step 2's going to tried in the Hague?
We literally have a law to invade and conquer any country including the Netherlands if an American citizen is tried in foreign courts for war crimes.
good thing bush and the 2000s congress made it an unconditional declaration of war to try any americans there.
I wonder how many ways his parents were related.
America>Western civilization to the GOP, especially with all the Russia dealings.
Probably not much better than actual Aryans honestly
https://img.fireden.net/co/image/1502/82/1502826345175.jpg It's just a shame such degenerates have been emboldened by Trump's election.
You mean the GOP > western civilization. They're proud to commit treason to further their party.
“Damn Right, I’m a WHITE NATIONALIST and very Proud of it.” “the reasonable use of profiling” to defeat radical Islamic terrorists https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1744/7ac476b1-e880-4ed8-adef-bc73948d1ac1/Domestic_terrorism_incidents_by_type.png
the black comedy angle of this is that we probably spend 10x as much at stopping the islamic threats but the white nationals still get caught about 75% as often. they can't even terrorist right.
Bro, do you even terrorist?
Apparently this guy was so proud of his whiteness that he shaved all of his hair off (including his eyebrows) to make sure none of it covered his flawless, pristine skin
It's bad, but it's not that bad. It's just us being dumb and going "We don't recognize the ICC and we reserve the right to use military force to take back our citizens if you hold them prisoner."
Genuine question. Isn't Islamic terrorism and right wing terrorism technically the same thing?
Not really sure, but my guess would be yes. I believe the idea is to distinguish it from other forms of domestic terror since Islamic terrorism is a highly politicised issue in the media and public sphere.
no because one votes for one of the major parties so seemingly every time there is a president from that party they quietly divert resources away.
He just wanted to be pure.
Would the US truly be ready to start an all-out war with the EU over something like that?
depends who's in the hot seat. After all, its been a fringe plank of the GOP to leave the UN of all places for decades. I could see the US doing something really reactionary and stupid if there ever was a trial of a US citizen at the ICC
Basically, yes, but they are distinguished because Islamic terrorism usually has islam as a base motivation, and no one wants to admit that the remaining bunch is "white christian ethnostate" motivated.
I miss the fp vomit emoji
In all likelihood if it ever got that far and they broke someone out of jail, the only response would be an angry letter with mean words.
Ya totally not racist or racially motivated in any wa- “the pivotal political moment came when Obama came on the scene. I knew immediately that America was in trouble" wait
America was not ready for a black president.
If you look at the 2008 maps it was the last election where Democrats were seriously competitive in rural parts of the country. Coincidence?
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