• Commons row as Brexit legal advice published
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https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46451970 Theresa May has been accused of "misleading Parliament, inadvertently or otherwise" as the full legal advice on her Brexit deal was published. The Scottish National Party said the PM had "concealed the facts" after the advice, which warns of an "indefinite" backstop deal with the EU. Ministers were found in contempt of Parliament on Tuesday for only publishing an overview this week. But the PM said the two documents were consistent and the position was clear. In the six-page letter, dated 13 November, Attorney General Geoffrey Cox said the proposed backstop arrangement with the EU to prevent a hard Irish border could "endure indefinitely". Theresa's looking to be in an even worse position now.
Why would they hide the full text of the Brexit legal advice from Parliament in the first place? Same with the bollocks she tried earlier on preventing a Parliament vote on the Brexit deal.
Probably because they know that if they reveal it there'll be a lot of noise and protest.
The next 6 days are just a slow march towards the deal dying and then some real decisions will have to be made. Roll on the 11th
I'm cheering for a second referendum.
you mean there isn't some kind of technological whatchamathingy that will somehow let you have an open border with another country while having two separate customs laws! I'm shocked, shocked!
I imagine you've already got several thread titles ready to go.
cant wait for may to resign next week
The cheek; the Tories would never sideline another party helping them stay in power /s
Something about the Tories effectively paying the DUP billions just to keep the government from collapsing and then ignoring them and leaving them out of the process is just amazing. Then again, the Tories have pretty much left everyone out of having any kind of say as they incompetently mishandle Brexit for two whole years, so the DUP is hardly special here. I'm as amazed that the DUP trusted the Tories as much as I am amazed that the Tories have completely fucked themselves into a minority because May got greedy and called a snap election.
https://twitter.com/lewis_goodall/status/1070392653626396674?s=20 Sky News political correspondent ^ I'm entirely unsure of what problem a snap election would actually solve? Whether Labour or the Tories won we'd still be committed to Brexit, still wouldn't have a plan, and still wouldn't have enough time to come up with a new plan
the dup are just as much scum as the tories dont you worry they just saw an ez billion quid and took it
Oh, I've got zero sympathy for the DUP themselves, they can eat shit.
Because the legal advice amounted to "you're fucked", and why would you compromise your strong and stable position by revealing that to everyone? Better to put out a 45 page document of lorem ipsum and padding and hope nobody asks anymore warranted questions.
This might not even be the full advice! Parliamentlive.tv https://www.reddit.com/r/ukpolitics/comments/a3cxjl/bill_cash_suggested_during_pmqs_that_the/
i reckon we've got 3 outcomes with another election boris/rees-mogg takes us through the hardest brexit possible another conservative leader materialises from nowhere, extends brexit and does the exact same thing may did corbyn comes in, extends brexit and renegotiates, keeping at minimum the single market and freedom of movement which, let's be honest, doesn't really change much in the dream world corbyn wins, decides that brexit is a bit shit, stops the whole thing and now we have a government with a spine for the next few years
Well, it was nice knowing U-K.
You're coming with us.
the DUP will apparently still support May only if the brexit deal fails but will vote against May if the Brexit deal passes. I have no idea what they're smoking but damn is it a hell of a drug.
Isn't the referendum that started this whole mess non-binding? Can't the UK still, at any point, say, "LOL, nevermind that Brexit toss, EU chaps. Pip pip, cheerio!" even without a second vote? And at one point are you guys officially stuck out in the cold with no backsies?
It was only an advisory referendum so technically yes but the Tories know that they can just use the result as an excuse to do literally whatever they want as all criticism leveled towards them or brexit can be shot down with "Oh so you don't like brexit what do you HATE DEMOCRACY HMM?".
The presidential popular vote in the US is technically non-binding, the electoral college could just decide to elect somebody else, but can you imagine the crisis that would result if they actually did that? It's kind of similar. There is technically no such thing in the UK constitution as a "binding referendum" because Parliament always has ultimate power. But if Parliament has literally scheduled and organised a referendum to ask the people to decide on something, to then say "hahaha wrong choice fuck you" would be immensely destabilising and turn millions of people off from politics/possibly towards extremism That's why most people think the only way to undo the first referendum is with a new referendum, or possibly a new election, where voters are able to register that they've changed their minds
Fair enough, a good perspective on the whole thing. I've seen people throw that fact around, but without the obvious connotations it'd have in your politics. Though the electoral college picking someone else does have a nice ring to in hindsight.
This BBC article really drives home the fact that we know for a fact that we are days away from stepping into a political crisis of some form. Next week is gonne be one of the most consequential weeks in British political history https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46393399
So should we expect even more shouting in Parliament or have they reached maximum safe decibels already?
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