• Wisconsin Republicans Approve Bills Stripping Power From Incoming Democratic Gov
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I feel like another civil war is inevitable at this point. Partisanship has completely fucked American politics way past the point of no return.
I fear this is how it starts: Democrats win elections and before they take power, Republicans countrywide refuse to give it up, citing that all Democrats are traitors, conspirators, and generally un-American, and draws the battle lines between them. This causes a rift between sane individuals and the Republican cult lunatics, causing mass civil unrest as demonstrators on both sides battle it out, while the extremists take it literally, resulting in massive, violent riots. Police try to calm the mayhem, but are also paralyzed by the division of beliefs. In the meantime, whatever criminal elements in hiding will take the opportunity to run rampant as well, and possibly even foreign powers, like Russia. i really hope this is all just me thinking of a pipe-nightmare, and not a real possibility
There should be protests daily about this. What the fuck
This is fucking bullshit. I hope they get all impeached for perverting democracy.
Us Americans are either too busy being paid indentured servants or apathetic to do anything. People can barely afford to take a single day of work off, and I suspect it’s very much designed that way.
File a lawsuit against them. And if that doesn't work, drag them out in to the streets and use delicate application of force to prevent them from returning to the legislature.
Literally refuse to follow the law. The peaceful transition of power is a basic fucking thing and if the GOP doesn't do it they're gonna get their asses beat by rioters eventually.
wouldn't this also fuck them over if they ever do retake office
What fucking police are you imagining wherein there is a "division of beliefs"? Expect the police to shift unwaveringly into Maximum Overnazi by the time the first half of your post comes to pass, it's what they're for.
They'll pass a bill reversing it and the GOP will always control the state legislature through gerrymandering.
In all honesty, this is closer to what the Second Amendment was actually written for, not whatever bullshit the Right yells about.
The Constitution mandates all states have a republican form of government so looks like the GOP didn't get the memo.
Or maybe they just took it a bit too literally?
that's kind of the point. by the time the courts have resolved this you've taken up most of the governor's term. This is just governing in bad faith something that strikes at the core of our country and can't be legislated away or undone, people just need to stop electing scum and also believing that both parties are equally awful, that is a fallacy the GOp is asymmetrically awful
No one from either party believes both parties are equally bad, that's just a taking point. Dems think Repubs are fascist and Repubs think Dems are satanic.
I think both parties are bad, but there are absolutely different shades of bad. Democrats are, "Steals candy from babies." and the GOP are "Get the 'showers' ready for the subhuman minorities and make sure to take their valuables for the Cayman accounts."
Part of the legislation also limits early voting, shows what the GOP is about.
Meanwhile In Ohio... Groups coalesce to fight Ohio legislature’s constitutional amend.. and there isn't even a democrat takeover.
A party that by design can't appeal to the most people has to cheat to win.
What's scary is that fascism has reawakened in the world's sole superpower this time. I feel sick about this.
Every one who approved of this needs to be lined up against a wall and shot.
It happened successfully in North Carolina two years ago and I'm sure every state with a GOP legislature will take power from Democrat governor now. Lotta dudes need to have the fear of their constituents instilled into them.
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