• 'I can win back AfD voters': CDU candidate hoping for Merkel's job
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It's a lost cause. With how regional polls have been going, the AFD is going to gain quiet a bit come the next election. The only thing that'll really stop that is some massive scandal.
Shares for retuirement plans is one of the most retarded things I have heard lately. Imagine millions of people buying shares. Now since we have a little thing that is called "demographics", the amount of retirements goes up. So more and more people will need to sell shares for retirement. Now guess what happens to the worth of your retirement funds if more people start selling shares? It's so bad, magazines are making fun of him for the idea. Friedrich Merz Merz is a greedy fuck, deep in the pockets and owner of the pockets of Blackrock BlackRock – Lobbypedia Oh what is this? The company watching over the biggest amount of pribate equity in the fucking world happens to align with the ideas of one of its former CEOs regarding its „Pan-European Personal Pension“ A company that scammed the German government out of BILLIONS Cum Ex And THE FUCKING DAY THAT THE PRESS RELEASES INFO ABOUT BLACKROCK SCAMMING GOVERNMENTS THIS ASSHOLE STARTS TALKING "WHAT ABOUT ASYLUM LAWS" Fuck off, Trump Junior
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