• North Carolina GOP tries to ensure they'll always be running elections
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https://news.yahoo.com/north-carolina-republicans-try-ensure-033610716.html Republicans in North Carolina are attempting to push through a bill that would ensure their control over voting procedure in election years. State Rep. David Lewis (R), who chairs the elections committee, filed the bill in the North Carolina House of Representatives on Monday amid allegations of Republican-led ballot theft during the 2018 midterm elections. The bill would require election boards in every county in the state to be chaired by a member of the political party with the highest number of registered voters in odd-numbered years. During even-numbered years, the boards would be chaired by a member of the party with the second-highest number of registered voters. North Carolina has more registered Democrats than Republicans, which would mean a Republican member of every election board in the state would be in charge of voting procedure during election years. That would hold true as long as Republicans continue to have the second-highest number of registered voters in the state, which is likely to remain true as long as U.S. population trends persist. Lewis did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the bill and allegations that state Republicans were trying to rig elections. Meanwhile, allegations recently surfaced  that a political operative working for Republicans ran an illegal ballot operation in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District ― where Republican Mark Harris appeared to defeat Democrat Dan McCready by fewer than 1,000 votes in the midterms. The election boards bill comes two years after Lewis and other Republicans in the state legislature introduced a series of measures aimed at stripping power from incoming Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.  Lewis told reporters at the time that Republicans were working “to establish that we are going to continue to be a relevant party in governing the state. The bill would also block investigations into the election fraud in the 9th district.
How is this shit legal
Heads I win, tails you lose.
They already tried this in 2016 and it was struck down in court. Apparently the bill is also extraordinarily sloppy and ramshackle so it's worth as much as toilet paper.
Even attempting this should result in automatic arrest and jailtime
Republicans dominate state legislatures through gerrymandering and they won't put themselves in jail. Good luck getting Congress to do it. We must take it into our own hands with initiatives.
It's almost time to put the state of North Carolina under federal control until it learns how to respect fundamental aspects of the Constitution. Better to not wait for lynching to start back up.
That law banning the use of the military as law enforcement was passed so that military governorship and Reconstruction could never happen again
Good thing none of the elections in November gave us any reason to question the GOP's dedication to fairness when allowed to run their own elections
Not just North Carolina. The whole fucking south needs its right to manage its elections by itself revoked. The state governments down here have shown they can clearly not be trusted - give them an inch, and they will run for miles.
Clarence Thomas is ignorant or a traitor for backing the VRA overturn.
No no no, this is a good idea. Let it pass. After it does, put out a massive campaign to get as many democrat voters as you can to register as republican, but vote democrat anyway.
Because a lot of republican politicians are really crappy people. The same reason the party does all the other slimeball shit it's constantly occupied with.
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