• Warship blasts Spanish anthem while sailing through Gibraltar waters
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https://www.thelocal.es/20181205/video-warship-blasts-spanish-anthem-while-sailing-through-gibraltar-waters In a video posted on Twitter by Gibraltarian Nicholas Karnani (under the handle @Atajate71), the military vessel is seen cruising in waters around El Peñón (The Rock) whilst blasting the Spanish national anthem through the ship’s megaphone. According to Spanish Defense sources, the Infanta Elena was carrying out maritime surveillance through Spanish waters, although the country’s government doesn’t actually recognize that Gibraltar has any waters it can call its own, as stated in the 1713 Ultrecht Treaty. Numerous reports in the Spanish press also state that the ship’s commander decided to play Spain’s famously word-free anthem in response to the UK’s God Save the Queen being broadcast on a radio frequency meant only for emergency calls. There are also other sources such as the UK’s Foreign Office who call into question the whole version of events, even disputing whether the footage and more specifically the sound is authentic. Is it really childish? Totally, even if the part about God Save The Queen is also true. That just makes it two acting unprofessional. Ship's commander will likely face disciplinary action, and it should be that way. But lmao flexing via blasting music at eachother
Crew onboard Spanish warship Infanta Elena chose to raise Gibraltarian pulses even further on Tuesday, at a time when The Rock’s post-Brexit fate remains very much lost at sea.  https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/242634/6ed28bd3-5dc4-40ae-a4b5-1f44e5b7e721/image.png I mean, I knew Brexit was bad, but I'm not sure that we should be threatening US actors yet.
Isn't crowding emergency frequencies with anything a bad idea?
Why is Spain so fucking obsessed with an extremely small peninsula with no resources that hasn't been theirs in 300+ years? Also what is Ceuta.
aw come on this just seems like a laugh
🔴 ¿Qué sabemos sobre el vídeo de un patrullero de la Armada Esp.. Like the above source, seems that it definetely happened, but the part about the british starting first isn't clear, and the UK’s Foreign Office is still insisting that it didn't even happen. It is so much to ask for our country, to stop humillating us in front of the world, for five minutes?!
It's a strategic military location since its at the entrance to the Mediterranean, and for geographical aesthetics it should belong to Spain. Instead its owned as an outpost by an island in the north who has had almost every imperial asset lost due to revolutions/wars/cessions, except for Gibraltar.
We've been asking that for years now.
The places that we lost wanted to leave our control, Gibraltar emphatically doesn't
gibraltar español
Everyone shut up, I'm gonna get me a boat and I'm gonna claim it for Portugal. Then I can attend the same parties as the prime minister and that crybaby that used to be thr minister of transportation.
well damn who would've thought Spain would out-shit post Australia.
Gibraltar is actually one of the most important spots on the Iberian coastline as it guards the Strait of Gibraltar. The location of Gibraltar could theoretically allow the UK to block access to the straight, cutting Spain's navy in half and halting trade to 1/2 of the country. It's an incredibly strategically important spot to the Spanish, and in general they loathe the fact that the UK still holds onto it after 300 years. It's a blight on Spanish history as well as strategic Spanish plans, as well as the majority of nations within the Mediterranean.
so when does the flotilla blasting this in response set sail?
Return Melilla and Ceuta to Africa.
What a fucking power move
a place where pretty much all the population also want to remain British and live under British government? Why should we leave them in the lurch just because its a basically a fragment of our british history and doesn't server its purpose anymore (which in my opinion, still does)
Do they want to return?
Yeah lets just give up control of a place where the population very clearly wants to remain under British rule to a wannabe-fascist state just because it'll make some geography nerds happy with their microscopic map boners.
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