• Ajit Pai admits Russia interfered in Net Neutrality process
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And how much did they pay you for your complicity, shitpie?
Lock him up!
How many are surprised?
Mitch McConnell specifically picked Pai.
Wow... I never could have guessed
Wow, his brain processes data so quickly that Verizon should take notes.
So if he's literally admitted that a foreign body interfered with a democratic process, when does the decision get overturned?
Sounds like bullshit to me. He's complicit for all those bots and he's trying to pass it off as Russian interference.
I am, not becuse of Russia meddling, but becuse this fuckwit admitted that one of his selling points was forged by Russia.
Trying to get a pardon in before the new terms?
Yeah I'm pretty sure this is actually an attempt to scapegoat Russia instead of the ISP companies that are actually responsible.
Well regardless of the reason (Pai/ISP bots or Russian interference or both) shouldn’t these developments be reason to reverse Shit Pie’s dogshit policy?
So going against net neutrality is a COMMIE thing take note US
And I take it that Russian interference is why he did those videos where he was essentially taunting people over how Net Neutrality was repealed?
It's true. We did supply the giant cup.
Hmm hmm so isn't this grounds for investigating the process, how about it?
Smells like bullshit to me, and I'll be inclined to keep saying that until Pai stops blocking the release of the FCC's server records
If the Russians interfered then that's every reason to release the records, he's not doing himself any favours here. Then again he doesn't give a shit, he's a walking rubber stamp with a little tag reading "paid in full" hanging off his neck.
This is why we should nuke Russia, they gave him the fucking giant cunt cup.
I was one of the people affected by those Russian bots, and not only that, but the comment that I posted there myself was removed and/or overwritten by this new comment: https://i.imgur.com/WrrWfb4.png They also used an address I hadn't lived at in 3 years, which was well before you could submit comments on the NN repeal. To say I was mad when I discovered this after the repeal had happened is an understatement.
The fact your comment was removed is proof the FCC itself was involved. You'd need admin credentials to do that. Identity theft is a serious offense, and Pai belongs in prison.
It's so obvious they used bots too that even an idiot could prove it. The only issue is, will our idiot leaders even care.
Given their track record and the fact that they can get away with actual murder after being paid off, I don't think anything is going to be done in the slightest.
Sure, Russia could definitely do it. But someone like Ajit Pai should not be trusted either. So I think the correct course of action is thorough investigation, without throwing around baseless accusations.
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