• Garmany to back NS2 despite the Ukraine situation
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Go fuck yourself, German government.
And people wonder why there are people who are Eurosceptic? Germany makes a bunch of stupid decisions.
I think Euroskeptics generally don't have much of a problem with Russia
Eurosceptics come in many different forms and aren't all 100% anti-EU and claiming so is disingenuous at best. I've talked to a couple of Euroscepitcs and some of them simply want more direct voting in the EU process rather than having representatives go and decide things in the EU.
His point wasn't that all euroskeptics want the eu completely dismantled his point is that euroskeptics seem to have a suspiciously positive view of Russia.
If four years of clashes did not change their mind, capture of three boats won't either. Deal with it.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107290/1b5ca8ac-9203-4c4f-80b1-78dad8e208a8/image.png Country check's out
So much for being the leader of Europe.
On my life, could you get any more obvious?
I don't really see how anyone is surprised by this. Most governments place their own interests above the interests of other countries. Also, isn't the Baltic Sea full of old sea mines and chemical weapons which were dumped there after the World Wars. Seems kinda risky to build a pipeline through it.
This is why I find the idea of EU replacing NATO for European peace and stability to be an utter joke. Germany will gladly sell half of Europe to Russia just for cheap gas and oil.
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