• Michigan GOP neuters minimum wage and sick leave laws they passed two months ago
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https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/midwest/ct-michigan-minimum-wage-20181205-story.html The Republican-led Michigan Legislature on Tuesday passed bills that would delay a minimum wage hike and scale back paid sick leave requirements, an unprecedented lame-duck strategy that was endorsed legally by the state's conservative attorney general despite criticism that it is unconstitutional. The fast-tracked legislation, which drew protesters to the Capitol who chanted "shame" and "bought and paid for" outside the chambers, was pushed through on largely party-line 60-48 and 26-12 votes. Some changes were made at the request of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who stayed mum on whether he will sign the measures — though the Senate leader was confident, saying Snyder told him he would do so. To prevent minimum wage and paid sick time ballot initiatives from going to the electorate last month, after which they would have been much harder to change if voters had passed them, GOP legislators — at the behest of business groups — preemptively approved them in September so that they could alter them after the election with simple majority votes in each chamber. Democratic Rep. Darrin Camilleri of Wayne County's Brownstown Township, who voted against the measures, said gutting the minimum wage hike "would not only hurt thousands of workers in Michigan but would also betray the trust of millions more by ignoring the will of the people." In a legal opinion dated Monday and released Tuesday, GOP Attorney General Bill Schuette told legislators that although the state constitution requires third-fourths votes in both chambers to change voter-approved laws, it imposes no "express limitations" on amending citizen-initiated laws passed by the Legislature. His opinion differs from one issued in 1964 by a Democratic attorney general, who said changes cannot be made in the same session. Democrats criticized Schuette, who lost to Democrat Gretchen Whitmer in the governor's race. If Snyder signs the bills, lawsuits are likely.
The GOP has pretty much a collective emotional maturity level of eight years old. They won't settle for anything less than getting what they want as often as possible, no matter what they have to do. Embarrassing as fuck.
Wow they're also trying to chip away at the anti-gerrymandering amendment 60% of Michiganders voted to pass.
Does the GOP want the populace to bring out the Guillotines? Cause thats how you bring out the fucking Guillotines.
Yeah, lower the income in a state already ranked #34 in overall median income and poor infrastructure ratings - that'll help.
GOP: The democrats don't care about the working class Also the GOP:
Eeeh, similar shit has happened before and Americans just take it. I don't think anything will happen, Americans just don't seem to know how to protest properly anymore.
Basically Bill Schittie is throwing a temper tantrum because he lost the election.
The two biggest protests in US history were done because of Trump but if there's any violence tons of people will be killed by police.
Did the protest achieve anything? Did anything change because of them?
Nope, because the GOP don't care about protests unless they're about to be killed by rioters.
Wow, the GOP really went all in on this election cycle. Kinda worrying to be honest, because bold faced lying/trickery like this will virtually guarantee they lose the next midterms; so what do they have planned in the near future, that makes future elections unimportant to win?
We got the House back.
Well Trump is thinking about ground war with Iran I believe.
At which point they will cry foul despite ignoring, undermining, or otherwise subverting every legal, peaceable option to change policy like, you know, voting.
As a former minimum wage worker, this is absolute horse-shit. The work you have to do in these jobs for 7.25 an hour or even LESS depending on the field is gruesome and it BARELY covers any of your expenses, even as a part-time job to accompany your full-time job. Fuck the GOP and fuck this country for treating workers like shit.
Even I don't think he's that stupid lol, I'd say an intervention into Venezuela is much more likely than that since they could at least pretend that it's to help the local population. This would also give them a strategic ally(puppet) in the region for which to put pressure on the "shithole" countries that the Republicans claim are invading the US through their migrants. Venezuela also has the world's largest untapped oil reserves...
These lame duck assholes are trying to do as much damage as possible before they leave office. Senate panel OKs stripping authority from secretary of state Fuck every one of them. Not only are they banning growing weed at home after prop 1's passing, they want to reduce the tax from 10% to 3% and not fund schools and roads with it anymore. How dumb can you get?
And those protests accomplished what, exactly. Getting mad once doesn't do anything. Getting resolved and committing to a cause and actively living it daily tends to be rather more effective.
People will never do that unless their very lives are miserable to the point they don't care about losing their job like the civil rights movement.
True but we live in an age where there's an overload of news that fuel indignation, and lives that don't allow you to spend too much time on something It's feels almost planned
3% taxes the fuck? It's like they want a recession... oh
When you see politicians perform actions like this, they no longer count as politicians, but rabid dogs. And we all know what needs to be done to rabid dogs.
It's just a side project the Kochs do, fund insane GOP administrations in states to see how low taxes can be reduced. In Kansas Sam Brownback totally fucked the state and the state supreme court ruled they spent an illegally low amount on school funding.
Listen I get the displeasure with some politicians' actions but calling them rabid dogs is literally a precursor to genocide. Textbook genocide. Like used to prove that people committed genocide in court. I don't think there's a risk of genocide occurring in the United States, but that kind of language is a huge part of the reason why partisanship—and by extension, actions like those taken here—is so awful right now. You're calling for people to be killed. Jesus christ, what the fuck is someone who doesn't agree with you politically going to think when they see shit like this? Obviously they're not going to have any interest in backing down when you call for people to kill their representatives.
Also the democrats made their biggest gain in the house since watergate IIRC
No, I think Zone is right. If the legislature have placed themselves in a position where they cannot be peacefully removed from power and are actively working against the interests of the people they pretend to represent, that leaves just one very ugly option.
I've worked at an international criminal tribunal on the case of a (now convicted) war criminal. I've used language as a means of proving the specific intent to commit genocide. I know what genocide is. I also know how dangerous speech is like that and how it can be used to incite violence. Genocide isn't occurring in the United States. That doesn't mean speech like that isn't incredibly polarizing and dangerous. It is a part of the reason why politics looks likes it does in the US, and is explicitly the kind of speech that we need to move away from. I don't support calling for the murder of my political opponents, no matter how distasteful their tactics may be.
To be clear, I'm completely against using violence, but only so long as there are peaceful legal ways to remove the corrupt from power. When those are exhausted, then anything goes.
You mean like genocide?
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