• How 2019 could bring Canada's first Green government - on tiny P.E.I.
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https://www.journalpioneer.com/news/local/how-2019-could-bring-canadas-first-green-government-on-tiny-pei-265198/ Now, polls are suggesting Island voters could soon elect Canada's first Green government.
That would be so cool
Oh yes and also first time in PEI politics that have non-traditional two party government since the province join confederation.
How prominent are the Greens in Canada overall? I can only compare them to the UK's Green Party, which has one MP and either gets treated as a complete outsider party with no relevance or as a genuine third-party threat, with seemingly no in between (it's typically the former).
They're basically fucking nothing. It looked like they were going to make gains during the last election but they fucking kneecapped themselves. Seriously, their leader was the only MP to win a seat. In Canada you're looking at either the Liberals, Conservatives or the the NDP as the major players.
And even then the NDP has sucked since Jack Layton died and the Tories aren't too hot.
Ok, But this thread is only focus on PEI politics and suddenly rise of their provincial Green Party over there since their leader and their recent new MPP beginning winning seats has very likely literally help in their win in next PEI provincial election. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a8/PEI_66th_provincial_election_polling.png Here their polling timeline for next PEI general election with PEI Greens taking over PEI Progressive Conservatives spot to 2nd place in last several months. And I kinda think this may influenced in National politics if they did win next PEI general election will be boosting their main national party in polls by 3-5% for next year with possibly get 1-2 new MPs.
I'm fully aware of that. He asked a question and I answered it.
Ok if you said aware about it, But why even taking about national politics despite most all of every provincial/territorial politics are more different from national counterpart? Regarding it may help influencing national politics or not in long term.
I think everyone knows about them but they aren't really talked about much. I recall that they managed to get a single seat in the federal parliament awhile back which was a first but I don't really keep up with what's happening with them (this was ages ago now). Their party leader (federal) keeps on getting excluded from all of the election debates which is a shame. Probably because the national parties are associated with provincial parties? They're kinda intertwined in that regard. Plus the guy asking the question asked about how well the "Greens" were known "in Canada overall", i.e. it's all encompassing beyond just provinces.
Maybe if Elizabeth May was less of a fucking nut they'd have a better chance of attracting voters.
Oh yea, Sorry about that. But still likely if PEI Greens did becoming new PEI majority party despite having 2 of 27 seats currently having. I still likely helping their national party to boost it up and get couple MP seats with newly PEI voters just before federal election starts.
No worries, a simple misunderstanding.
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