• Nigel Farage quits UKIP
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I can think of a few more things that are too awful to contemplate, buddy.
It's been said a dozen times but when even Nigel fucking Farage calls out your party you've gone down the shithole of which there is no return.
Maybe, but his word is worth fuckall. He was one of the first to campaign for the UK to leave the EU, and the moment the Leave campaign won, he abandoned ship and left everyone else to clean up the mess. Except the mess is an uncontrollable fire, and everyone is insisting that that's how it's supposed to be.
This is the cunt who coined brexit as Britain's Independence Day. Fucking prick.
How many times has he done that now?
"Oh, it's just a little grease fire, just pour some water on it and be done with it!"
He made some pretty lofty connections and set himself up to make bank though. He'll be randomly appearing next to political figures, writing guest articles for major papers and getting interviewed on random talk shows for ages.
He'll be back as soon as it benefits him again.
Twice now, isn't it?
I think he only left the leadership role in the past. I believe this is the first time he has completely left the party.
again? He got his brexit vote the first time and fled the country to go promote fascism abroad. He has not and will not ever feel the consequences of his actions. (that is unless he's tied up in the mueller investigation)
He could potentially get caught in the Arron Banks investigation too for all we know
Huh, I kinda thought he left the party, or at least quit all positions within it, when he fled the country.
Paul Nuttall has followed him out the door https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-46481107
Someone Tl:dr me with the Tommy Robinson stuff, obviously I know who he is but what is his current connection with UKIP? (Apart from both being full of shit)
He's been brought on in some sort of "advisory" role by the parties' leader. Funny thing is he isn't allowed to actually join UKIP as he's been deemed ineligible for membership due to his history.
He's like head of their special rape gang investigation squad which probably just means he's going to go around calling all muslims rapists which isn't far off what he does currently.
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