• Bosnia invited to take first steps towards NATO membership
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Bosnia invited to take first steps towards NATO membership NATO foreign ministers, meeting in Brussels on December 5, have given Bosnia the green light to take a major step forward on its path toward joining the military alliance, despite Bosnian Serb objections. The move is part of NATO’s Membership Action Plan (MAP) process, which does not necessarily mean that Bosnia will join the alliance anytime soon. Indeed, it is unclear whether the government in Sarajevo will accept NATO’s invitation. “We made our decision: if they are ready, we are ready” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg (pictured above) after the Brussels meeting. The Muslim Bosniak member of the country’s tripartite presidency, Sefik Dzaferovic, welcomed NATO’s invitation and said it would give new impetus for the country to reach one of its “most important foreign policy goals.” That stance was reiterated by the Croat presidency member, Zeljko Komsic, but the pro-Russian Serb presidency member Milorad Dodik has so far remained silent on the issue. Mr Dodik has long been a vocal opponent of Bosnia’s NATO membership and has repeatedly said that he will block all efforts to join the alliance.
@Vuu Hey mate - how do you feel about this? Honest question - not trying to stir shit. It's difficult for me to understand the details of the conflict from '91 by just reading sources online.
They can't even if they want to, at least not with Srpska being a part of them, and that opens a whole new can of worms (called the area around Drvar, Serbian majority but not a part of RS because they needed to connect the separated Bihać muslims, and the recent elections of the representatives made the Croats real mad since the Croat representative was literally voted in by muslim votes, so the Croats are gonna demand their own entity soon) They're all in it for the money anyways - it's a true and tested method - join NATO and suddenly everyone and their dog invests. Suspicious shit if you ask me. Won't stop their catastrophic emigration levels anyway Not that the yield curves just went inverse, a bad omen... Anyways, this region is the last one in Europe to not be "set in place" and stabilized thanks to lengthy foreign occupation. Experience from what it took France, Germany and the UK to unite and coagulate into relevant entities says that it can never be done very peacefully, and the stupid ethnic distribution in Bosnia is a big problem in the first place - TLDR NATO or not everyone is going to whoop everyone's ass again for at least once until the population is shifted around to allow for the creation of actual states. The creation of a stable Balkans is against quite a lot of interests because competition
I hope they gain membership just because it'll make Russia butthurt.
To add - Serbia loses 70.000 people to emigration every year. Serbia currently has about 7 million, do the math. Others have less people, and even higher emigration rates. Coupled with a sordid birth rate (thanks T*to!), not a single former Yugoslav nation will reach the 22nd century. Ironic. If they somehow enter NATO without imploding, what are they gonna do, send their pension checks?
Why the censored Tito?
why do serbs ruin everything for bosnia all the time?
http://u.cubeupload.com/Vuu/sneakyserb.jpg Hah! You know nothing, we're working on a WW3 plan as we speak, with total omnicide as goal :^)
You mean that plan to make Serbia even smaller? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110525/b4e6b4fc-ba19-4376-adc1-935027d39a5c/1493640025771.png It's hip to blame everything on him these days, especially if you live in Serbia or Croatia (excluding Istra).
Sad Tito was the only thing holding Yugoslavia together until Serbs took over and shit their nationalism and racism all over the place, also dismantling the market socialist system and implementing more Stalin-esque systems doomed to failure Still not small enough, needs to be a quark
Interesting, as someone from a Croatian family I heard a lot of Tito hating from them, but I kind of assumed it was specific to certain people. But I guess if everyone hates you you had to do something right.
the more the merrier
Ahh, nationalism, haven't seen you since I walked out of my house a few hours ago.
I'm not going to comment on the rest of this since I am above slavs bickering but this makes sense. Nobody wants to invest in an unstable nation because your assets can be seized or destroyed if war erupts. In a stable nation, you won't have to worry about that and with NATO on your side, people will think twice about invading so there is more assurance that you can continue to make money instead of lose it.
Thankfully someone mirrored the version Pot Hat originally posted https://youtu.be/7_MA1BM7VjQ The Yugoslav Wars were just plain weird.
I was gonna post that one because thats the one I wanted, but the description on the mirror just kinda made me ehh on it.
Oooh, yeah I see what you mean. Have this instead then. https://youtu.be/HjlUgOF1F_o
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