• Saudi-funded lobbyist paid for 500 rooms at Trump’s hotel after 2016 election
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"But muh businesses"
This is blatant and flagrant bribery.
Well, now we know why Trump is happy to defend Saudi Arabia, as if it was a mystery before this news broke. Also here's a quick trip down memory lane back to September, when Saudi Arabia told Canada to stop treating it like a banana republic. And then they went and murdered a journalist critical to MBS's regime and they and Trump incompetently covered it up, just like a banana republic would.
Nah, it's been known for a while that he had financial ties to Saudi Arabia. He registered eight businesses in Saudi Arabia during his campaign. The media just largely ignored it until the Khashoggi murder.
I mean Kushner's been over there to negotiate deals constantly. Saudi Arabia was also Trump's first foreign visit, with the stupid fucking orb. It's as blatant as his spraytan, that's the joke.
I missed the "if" in there. Woops!
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