• Lindsey Graham turns on Pompeo over Khashoggi murder
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I am so confused... I don't know why anyone does what they do anymore.
It's the last vestiges of Lindsay Grahams "conscience" acting up A couple of months from now he'll be back to having his nose buried in Trumps navel
Na he's positioning himself as a more crazy Jeff Flake. Any resistance to Trump is completely hypothetical, but he is also going to slam through every Trump judicial pick irregardless of qualifications
Did Lindsay's bribe check not clear this month?
Why would a Republican benefit from opposing Trump's stuff? You have to convince sociopaths pretending to be decent human beings is in their interest.
Trump has zero filter and is running the GOP's typical pseudo-fascism game plan, but he's doing it without any attempt to disguise it unlike typical GOP strategy. He's fucking it up for the rest of them who can play the game with more finesse.
the crowd seems to love it
I mean he's pleasing the cult. The cult is the minority, on the other hand, and everyone else can see that the emperor has fascistic clothes on.
he's running in a state wide race in south carolina in 2020 and he might be running against rapidly changing demographics there. I don't think he's made up his mind yet whether to be insanely right or try to flake to the middle
This is the scary thing. Trump is an open fascist and he's teaching the GOP that their voters LOVE that.
Due in no small part to actual generations of the GOP actively building towards a voter base that can be easily swayed into fascist ideals for the sake of their corporate interests
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