• YouGov model: 48% of UK would vote for No Deal over Remain
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/165/b395a2fb-8180-42b4-b306-9832001aae1c/Condorcet winner national figures-01-01.png https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2018/12/06/mays-brexit-deal-leads-just-two-constituencies-it- WHY
As long as referendum 2 happens and 50+1 of people vote Remain that's all that matters.
48% of our country prefer total economic destruction and humiliation over status quo.
The issue is that when stupid people are told they're being fucking idiots, they double down in what's turning out to be a nationally suicidal display of "no u".
But overall the people who support Remain in EU has mildly improved in last two years by seeing consequences by first hand.
And what if 50%+1 vote no deal? The odds are not exactly confidence inspiring and that would astronomically raise the odds of Scotland seceding, not to even mention all the other consequences Don't forget the "obviously remain will win don't even worry about it" 2 years ago. Not even brexit supporters expected it, a bunch of them jumped ship immediately.
My question is how the fuck are there still so many willing to go for the No Deal route. I find it more shocking than ~40% of americans supporting Trump.
65%/35% Deal/No deal .......who are these 1 in 3 who are actively hoping for everything to just get fucked as hard as possible?
Or in other words, "48% of UK discovered to be clinically stupid"
It really is baffling. Do these people think that "No Deal" is just or the benefit of the EU or something? I was under the impression that "No Deal" would basically be just dropping everything right away and leaving with nothing in place, it's absurd that anyone could think that's better than things continuing as they are.
Jesus that is almost half
Great Britain in favor of cutting off nose to spite face, polls say.
https://twitter.com/EPinUK/status/1068471165918826496?s=20 If this is anything to go by, there's a scary proportion of our elcorate so uneducated on the matter that the term "no deal" means "abandon the discussions and stay in". Considering that isn't how "no deal" has been used once throughout this farce, I'm amazed they came to that assumption.
I'm imagining there's going to be a publicity campaign if there's going to be another vote, in which case I could see these numbers changing massively. With no NHS bus and very little economic arguments, I can't imagine what deal / no deal can bring to the table
Can't even be bothered to do a Google search on the matter this is easily the greatest argument against direct democracy
If that's the case, then the language used in any theoretical second referendum really needs to be crystal clear.
There isn't enough time for a second referendum before the original Article 50 expiration date early next year, even if it were started now. If there's to be a second referendum, the UK will need to convince the EU to give it an extension and allow it to not actually Brexit when it was supposed to. The time for another vote was this year, and it's too late now. The timetable to arrange a new referendum is longer than the impending Article 50 deadline in I think March. A referendum wouldn't happen until at least May, if it was done properly. The UK is still trying to figure out how it wants to handle Brexit or if it wants to do it at all, and it's been like 20 months since May triggered Article 50. Fucking. Incredible.
Some people like watching things burn. Should it come to a second referendum and people still choose no deal after no knowing what that'll mean, I won't be helping with buckets when their houses burn down.
The general public were critically misinformed when the first referendum happened and I don't think that's changed since.
The Electoral Commission helps to select the referendum question, they intervened in the first one because it was gonna be Yes/No and they changed it to Remain/Leave
Every day we stray further and further from God's light. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? How can they be this utterly ignorant of current affairs?
Don't forget The Troubles Volume 2, and Scotland very possibly leaving the UK for the EU.
Simple, just make the second vote a 3 way vote : Remain, Deal, or No Deal. The brexiters will be split between the 2 and remain will pass I should be a politician.
Agreed on both counts. The first week consequences of Britain leaving the rest of the world without any contingency arrangements are nothing short of catastrophic. Individual hardships of different kinds - total shutdown of airports, the channel ports and tunnel and Irish Border - would lead to widespread anger. The problem really is who the anger is directed at, as people will almost ram their heads up their own arses to ensure they don't blame their own side and, in the process, admit they were dead wrong.
Yeah but Boris Johnson was on da telly n he said dat Burssels are bullying us Checkmate Remoaners
We're fooling ourselves if we don't believe that sadopopulist nationalist isn't a clear and imminent threat to world peace. The traditional liberal world order has been overtaken by corporate interests, and oligarchs and fascists around the world are sensing their moment to strike as people around the world reject their own institutions and governments. The worst is yet to come, regardless of the outcome of Brexit, or Trump, any of the other crises springing up throughout Europe. We need to start addressing this problem right now, before it's too late: reclaim liberal democracy for the corporate class and make governments work for the people again. Strengthen elections, pass anti-corruption legislation, imprison the contemptuous corporate wretches who loot and pillage the government while marching to the drumbeat of nationalism. None of this can wait. Not with climate change threatening to leave us with a generation of humanitarian crises and extreme weather. We have to do whatever it takes.
Why water? We've got reservoirs all over the place
It's recently been revealed that we use just-in-time delivery to supply water purification chemicals. We could have water, but it might not be very clean or safe. Which could lead to even more long-term badness. It can't be just 'Project Fear' because Michael Gove, one of the hard Brexit attempted coup members and famous Minister of Sucking at Every Job finally found a place where he could have some success at DEFRA and is in a position to make a judgment with all the official advice. Reportedly this issue was what convinced him to back May's piss poor deal.
This almost captures politics in the Brexit/Trump era, except that in the third panel he should be trying to convince everyone that this is an improvement.
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