• Reports: Trump's 2020 Campaign Has Funneled $1 Million Into His Own Businesses
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https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/trumps-2020-campaign-has-funneled-over-1-million-into-his-own-businesses-report-says/ https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/441/4f75526c-fa65-4492-82f1-caa3f7158b05/firesmurfy.png
Very legal and very cool!
Are we sure he's never read a book on Nixon because this is exactly what Nixon did and a huge part of the impeachment proceedings as well.
Is literally anyone surprised?
Watergate any% [brainless] run proceeding at world record pace.
he's a business man not a politican
I BET he will brag about having a better conspiracy than Watergate after he's behind bars.
and shitty at both
Only ~$1 million? Hmmmmmmmmm
A small loan of a million dollas
surprised it's only 1 million tbh
can't wait to hear people defend it
"yeah guys elect trump, we need a businessman not a politician!" "elect trump, he's got money, this country needs money!" local "businessman" (reality tv star) does exactly what local corrupt businessman does never quite understood why people equate president's personal wealth with national prosperity.
Let's drain the swamp of cash
Is this illegal, or just real shitty?
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