• GOP state legislatures reluctant to pass voter approved ballot initiatives
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https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/progressive-ballot-measures-find-a-new-foe-state-legislatures_us_5c093fc2e4b0bf813ef4eda2 From granting voting rights to expanding worker protections, midterm voters passed a wave of progressive ballot measures across the nation. Since then, however, many of their own elected officials have delayed, diluted or simply refused to implement them.   In Florida, nearly two-thirds of voters approved a ballot measure to restore voting rights to felons. Since then, according to the Tampa Bay Times, state officials have argued that the Legislature should weigh in on what constitutes a “felon” under Florida law. Similarly, the Utah Legislature has limited the implementation of a voter-approved medical marijuana law by restricting the number of dispensaries and the forms of cannabis available. While ballot initiatives have always been delayed or selectively implemented by state legislatures, recent years have seen an increase in the scale and brazenness of these efforts. Last year, South Dakota’s GOP Legislature repealed a range of ethics and fair-elections laws under “emergency” powers that prevent voters from passing them again. Another factor that explains this year’s legislative backlash is the proliferation of ballot measures regulating the political process itself. After voters approved two anti-gerrymandering measures in Ohio, for example, lawmakers have attempted to restrict citizens’ ability to get measures on the ballot next election. Curtailing voter-approved ballot measures through poor implementation or outright repeal falls into a legal gray zone. But even courts may not provide a remedy. LePage, the Maine governor, was eventually ordered by a judge to expand Medicaid and still refused. “I will go to jail before I put the state in red ink,” he said in a radio interview. So for residents whose representatives are blocking ballot referendums from going into force, they may simply have to wait for the next election and vote them out. If legislators let them, that is.
Skip that, give them a choice between doing it or being hit with a brick. By every single voter they are refusing to adhere to.
Do you want violent revolution, Republicans? Because this is how you get violent revolutions. If you won't listen to them at the ballot box, the jury box and the ammo box are waiting to be unsealed, and unfortunately some may feel pressured to skip the wait involved in the jury box. Gerrymandering won't save you from arson. I am not endorsing arson or any other crime.
Follow the will of the electorate or get your ass beat at best.
These people are such unmitigated piles of authoritarian trash. I don't understand how anybody votes for them.
The legislature picks their voters through gerrymandering. State level gerrymandering is a trillion times worse than Congressional level.
The second amendment people are oddly quiet.
The second amendment people would shoot the people who want fair government.
Tyrannical. Remember, the reason they're doing this is because “The demographics race we're losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” -Sen. Lindsay Graham, 2012. They know their time is limited and they're trying to stack the odds in their favor to buy more time while they have the power. The recent rise of nationalism was probably part of this strategy, after all nationalists are the quintessential "angry white guys" and that's exactly what they needed to take all 3 branches in 2016. But that won't last forever, demographics are still changing and eventually sheer numbers overwhelm simple grey-area tactics like gerrymandering voter suppression. By then all those currently in power will probably have retired, so we'll have to see if the new generation will change their ways or double down and attempt to destroy Democracy.
The second amendment people know what watch-lists are.
It's almost as though the GOP have no interest in what the people think and are exclusively concerned with their criminal empire and funneling more money into their corporate interests
I'm a second amendment person and I'm very much vocal on these issues. You just may not have known that because to you "second amendment person" means "Republican".
Also Democrats are hard for gun control, so there's not many liberal 2nd Amendment people.
Our Constitution describes a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If you don't follow that idea because you're butthurt, Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Office.
Well shit sorry, i'll make sure i post more about how i want to kill fellow Americans
And that if they did anything, even as an organized group, it would be futile and only fuel the tyranny more
Hate to derail the thread but I felt like a point should be made here. I have a roommate who is staunchly progressive, huge Bernie supporter. I was as well during 2016. Anyway, as of late his mind has started to change about guns. I hold the belief that Marx made a very good point about the proletariat processing arms, especially now more than ever with our current Republican party, but he always had the view that guns are not needed and that we need to massively slow down the sale of them and make them harder to acquire (a view that I shared until the past few years). Lately, though, he has started to change face on this issue. The shit that the Republican party and the US Government has been doing these past few years especially has begun to make him believe that he himself might want to purchase a weapon for his own good. My roommate, who has most of his life hated the availability of guns in the US, has started to change face on the issue because of how worried and scared he has become of what our government is doing. If actions like the topic of this thread continue in years ahead, I think we might start to see views such as what I hold and what my roommate is starting to hold leak into the mainstream for liberals.
The Republican party is a criminal organization that should be banned. Come up with a new conservative party and if you were previously a member of the Republican party, you're disallowed from joining a new party/serving in office
Yes all of those people talking about storming the white house over Obama's 'Tyranny' over the course of the past eight years certainly cared about watch lists. This argument is so full of crap lmao.
You mean those rally organizers who only cared about riling people up? You mean those twitter shitposters who surely were serious even though they post irate ramblings every week? I'm not talking about those people. I am talking about people with both the motivation and means it would take to actually go through with something with success. The people who have been photographing senators houses and noting their arrive/leave times as well as noting distant vantage points, the people who have been getting jobs as electricians with the state (which needs nothing more than a basic background check btw) to analyze the local power grid's weakness and distribute their findings to their friends, the people who have been making RDX and ANFO in their college laboratories, the people who have been getting together with their friends and running drills in ad-hoc shoot houses and vehicle courses on their farmland in the boonies. Those people? Those people aren't going to be broadcasting their threats because people DO get added to watchlists if they are credible enough and vocal, and if evidence like the above is found and they are in any way seriously connected, they will be in a world of shit.
I mean, wanking it to "rebelling against tyrannical governments" has been the bread-and-butter arguments from you guys every single time there's a shooting on the news, so...
Yeah no not really but nice try
Maybe not you, but from a huge portion of 2A supporters it always seems to boil down to either "take down tyrannical government" or "hunting for food".
You're not wrong but you're asking me to take a leap of faith in believing that there are actually large contingents of people who are in the typical 2A 'anti-tyrannical government' crowd who are actually doing any of these things in preparation to fuck with this current federal government right now. I'd have believed it during the last administration but it just doesn't seem like anything Trump does riles them. Like, I get it, people don't talk about illegal shit if they're actually planning on doing it. But I'm saying that, as a demographic, it doesn't make sense. To do that sort of thing I'd expect that there needs to be some level of discontentment boiling on the surface, even if that discontentment is completely legal, and that discontentment doesn't really exist as far as I can tell.
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