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Please vote using the appropriate rating as displayed next to your preferred candidate. Pick whoever you want; you can only pick one person. Each vote will earn a person one place in the lottery, ergo the more votes somebody has the higher statistical chance that they may be on the council. Drawing of the positions will take place sometime on Saturday, probably in the GMT evening after I finish work. If I ever finish work... It will be the traditional "name from a hat" fare and it will be live streamed on my Twitch channel @Grenadiac - Agree @Borealis - Disagree @Dan The Man - Funny @Boilrig - Diamond... I mean Late @karimatrix -Friendly @zukriuchen - Sympathy @HumanAbyss - Artistic @Raidyr - Winner @seano12 - Dumb @Zonesylvania - Baby @elix - Good Idea Just to make things clear, this is not for Moderator positions. It'll be a council of 5 people who are able to dictate policy for Polidicks (writing of rules, exemption of users, etc), will have a direct line of communication to me and a cool role on Discord.
This is exciting!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HHe5smYhto don't forget who died and resurrected for your sins
seano12 for sole member of polidicks user council. vote diamond to agree.
I disagree with Grenadiac on a large amount of issues but he's always seemed intellectually honest so please vote for him thanks
Boilrig is honestly a better choice than like half of them. Mostly because whenever a few of said canidates show up they somehow manage to escalate every thread argument to 5+ pages of snipe battles.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/273775/f71b2178-c8e8-4465-8b5d-393482b58ee4/image.png SEANO12 NEEDS YOUR ENERGY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
going for Zuk, due to his uncanny ability to sniff out the bullshit behind people's posts.
Boilrig always manages to start the same battles though.
I still can't believe this is a lottery lol
i'm call you out, @Zonesylvania ! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/661/5319d4cb-153c-4c0d-afe2-6cdbb739d1df/image.png is this the man we really want in the oval office? VOTE SEANO12!
We will get Seano or the fires of revolution will rise.
Threads become 5+ pages of snipe battles because Boilrig said something that does not remotely fall into line with anything anyone could qualitatively describe as reality.
Seano12, the great Seano12, is the man we need to make this section great again. Lyin' Raidyr and Crooked zukriuchen are so terrible, they will make this section so awful, they come and they let in bad opinions! Many such cases!
Only Dan the Man or unironically Boilrig. Don't really want to be banned by Grenadiac because I said guns should be banned
what the fuck why do i have to be ted cruz this is bullshit
well spoken! [BREAKING] spineless zoneSLYvania has been spotted working with the crooked establishment! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/661/0e931675-1371-498d-9653-46b1e2275540/image.png experts suggesting this is a ploy to spoil the election for SEANO. VOTE SEANO!
I find it highly suspicious, nay, downright undemocratic that one of the candidates was summarily banned mere moments before voting began. I am hereby submitting a demand for the ban on @HumanAbyss to be lifted as it is clearly political suppression.
This just sealed my vote for Grenadiac fwiw I hope to see him cruelly abusing his power soon
motion quashed
Notorious RUSSIAN sympathizer Grena "The Volga Boatman" Diac seen coming out of his $15.5 million Malibu home with two RUSSIAN government AGENTS! I detect some collusion!
You will be hearing from my lawyers as soon as I find some who will accept payment in the form of obscure tank trivia.
https://puu.sh/CdE6b.png HE IS A FALSE PROPHET
I made a shirt for him, so there's that...
Vote me for sensible leadership, I will be the great mediator. I will bridge the divide between mods and users as the site weathers uncertain times due to Garry.
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