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never said i love you
This is outrageous! First, @garry (peace be upon him) leaves this forum to drown in its own feces and NOW @Hezzy , the reliable uncle of this forum, sells the integrity of this election out for fame and riches. Ever since the end of Garry's (peace be upon him) firm but affectionate reign, we do nothing but squabble over inconsequential shit such as Trump, Tudd and Boilrig's weird infatuation for a foreign referendum. What we really need now is TRUE AUTHORITY, and I loathe to say it, but only @karimatrix can bear this burden out of these candidates. (I admit, they are good and honest people. Except Boilrig. Frankly, he is kinda stupid.) Karimatrix has shown unwavering conviction for what he believes is right and true even against the raging tide of facts and reason. That, I think, is the trait of a true leader, and a leader we need in these uncertain times. But even if he is elected, he can only do so much. Make no mistake, this vote is a desperate cry for ACTION. I grow up with the belief that this place is NOT a democracy and I'll forever stand by that. Remember, our last election left us with broken promises and simmering resentment. *cough* banime *cough* Garry (peace be upon him, please don't delete forum) IS our supreme leader, but what is our worth when our leader abandons us? @Hezzy , hear my plea, cancel this lottery and bring upon the fascist reign we all love and remember! What this subforum and forum really needs is, ironically, a facepunch. ps: Craptasket is gay
I don't even dislike him. He's funny to have around and says funny shit, I just think he shouldn't have control over anything.
I think you just described the role of the village idiot
Ironically that was my title on another forum circa 2006 Anyway repost from last thread: I didn't think I'd actually be nominated. When I came home from work and read this thread I thought it would be a great idea to have Big Man Tyrone do a pitch for me and I'd post that here. I really don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for big man tyrone to make something for me in less than 24 hours so I will just make a text pitch. If I am elected to this position I promise to perform my duties responsibly. I understand that I would be playing the role of moderator-lite. What I'm most interested in is trying to keep threads on topic because what I have observed time after time are threads going off into weird tangents. I wish to facilitate a political forum environment where everyone has a voice no matter their political affiliation. I promise to treat all users equally despite their comments towards me, especially in this thread. I also promise to judge every post independently and without bias. A lot of my posts have been silly/satirical in nature. This was always to entertain myself and others. During my term I promise to give up posting anything silly/questionable. :
I wrote a little simulation of the draw, so here's some potential "councils" based on the ratings 2 hours ago. ['Dan The Man', 'seano12', 'Grenadiac', 'Boilrig', 'Zonesylvania'] ['Raidyr', 'Borealis', 'elix', 'Dan The Man', 'seano12'] ['Raidyr', 'Zonesylvania', 'Grenadiac', 'seano12', 'Borealis'] ['Borealis', 'elix', 'Grenadiac', 'seano12', 'Zonesylvania'] ['seano12', 'Raidyr', 'Grenadiac', 'elix', 'Zonesylvania'] ['HumanAbyss', 'Grenadiac', 'Borealis', 'Dan The Man', 'Zonesylvania'] ['Grenadiac', 'zukriuchen', 'Boilrig', 'Dan The Man', 'Borealis'] ['seano12', 'elix', 'Grenadiac', 'zukriuchen', 'Raidyr'] ['Boilrig', 'Borealis', 'HumanAbyss', 'seano12', 'Grenadiac'] ['Grenadiac', 'Borealis', 'Raidyr', 'Zonesylvania', 'seano12'] Out of 100 simulation of 5 draws, Grenadiac has a 96% chance to be in them, seano12 73% chance, Zonesylvania 69%, zukriuchen 52%, Borealis 49%, Raidyr 44%, Dan The Man 43%, Boilrig 28%, HumanAByss 22%, elix 18% and karimatrix 6%. So out of 100 councils, Grenadiac will be in 96 of them and so on...
@ScriptKitt3h @borndeadman @Tinn @Kirbunny431 Elix has asked no one vote for him and to vote for non-meme candidates, also @Hezzy , might want to add that disclaimer.
Karimatrix at 6%? Clearly evidence Russia has decided not to interfere in our elections imo.
Update to the latest votes and ran 100,000 simulations: Chance to appear in council: Grenadiac: 93.98% seano12: 65.36% Zonesylvania: 65.33% zukriuchen: 54.92% Borealis: 48.01% Raidyr: 44.63% Dan The Man: 44.38% Boilrig: 27.21% HumanAbyss: 22.49% elix: 22.27% karimatrix: 11.52% There is of course a slight deviation for the percentages due to randomness, but I'm too lazy to count it at the moment.
This is a car crash.
I just thought, these council members have terms of one or two months, are they going to be staggered are we going to have a mess every so often?
Do you guys have the mettle with every western election?
This is exactly what will happen and everyone knows it. But it's going to be an 'epic funny' 2 seconds before it goes to shit and no one bothers coming here any more.
https://pigeontoedtypewriter.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/somemen.gif That or they just enjoy Chaos. And they get their humor from it.
Honestly, the fact that Seano is so far up there kinda makes this entire thing a joke.
The issue is that people find him hilarious and validate him. Validating him only makes people encourage him more. When people encourage him they end up starting to take him more seriously. When they take him seriously it stops being a joke but they tend to continue acting like it's just because it's hilarious. Anyone who's supporting seano, regardless of how serious they are, is completely missing the fact this is being presented as a serious vote. So they're voting a joke candidate for a serious position simply because they find it funny and thus validating that joke candidate in the process.
These three sentences are a microcosm of exactly why Trump got elected lol
I'm here to accuse the Boilrig campaign of illegally overspending on election advertisements.
Simulations today at 16:21 GMT+1 Chance to appear in council and changes in parenthesis: Grenadiac: 91.59% (-2.39%) seano12: 69.42% (+4.06%) Zonesylvania: 55.88% (-9.45%) Dan The Man: 49.40% (-5.02%) zukriuchen': 44.39% (-10.53%) Borealis: 44.30% (-3.71%) Raidyr: 44.30% (-0.33%) karimatrix: 38.85% (+27.33%) Boilrig: 26.52% (-2.94%) elix: 19.33% (-9.45%) HumanAbyss: 16.03% (-6.46%) Largest gainer today is karimatrix with a whopping 27.33%. Zukriuchen, Borealis and Raidyr now has the same chance to appear in the council.
This is honestly the sort of bullshit I would expect from this poorly thought out plan. Two good choices completely offset by the three worst choices.
Do you have anything actually worthwhile to say or did you just need to drop a steaming shitpost?
i'm fucking crying bros, seano is gonna win and he's gonna delete the forums, he can't keep getting away with this
Don't trust Nate Swebonny's rigged forecast, in a few days he will have to write an article explaining why he didn't predict that seano would win every seat
http://www.google.com/ Dear friends, i write this message to you all, while navigating Moscow's vast underground metro. Weather is like the one you are used to from movies, with snow and people wrapped in puffy colorful clothing. There might be no better time to do this, soo my fingers are typing in a hurry, forgive me for bad grammar ahead. We been throught alot, you and i, and i want you to know that, even if yoy caught up yourself hating me, feeling is not mutual. I know, that you have reasons, that i have contributed to it, once in a while. I am not asking for forgiveness, but for understanding. We live in a world that is shaking, and it can be dufficult to proceed all information alone. I have almost failed too. This is why it is important that you give me chance to do it together, with other consulates. Truth is buried in discussion and comparision, and if my actions could lead to bad habit and confusion out in a field, in state of consulate i will bring only the sharp skill and noble aproach. Before i could not fathom consequences of my words - warped through satire and sence of terrible pride. But now, this idea, that i might contribute to our little forum discusion is... revitalizing. Responsibilty for others, willingness to compromise, and general attitude to seek best of yourself and others... Is no joke. Soo let me break a character for a once, i humbly ask of all of you out there, to help me participate in this test of fortune on better terms. Vote for Karimatrix... For better of me. Yours Friendly Vladimir Putin P. S. To comrades from our russian discord, thank you for being a backbone to our community, and me.
Not to disagree on the fact that Seano is indeed not a good choice, but wouldn't he be thrown out of the council, if he started acting up? There's also the issue with the fact that forum might be closed soon (depending on Garry), so such decision could possibly be less of a deal. And also I'm pretty sure Seano won't be chosen, no matter what would be the outcome of the vote.
Don't undermine nor overplay the importance of the polidicks council; with how it's gonna play out there's definitely no room for a consistent jokester (even though sometimes we gotta have a laugh so if you ask me it's welcome) If seano gets elected, it's not the end of the world. love him or hate him, as long as he doesn't somehow abuse his position (how he would do that is beyond me) there isn't much reason to panic. he'll be one of the draws. one of five that will discuss and eventually decide what polidicks is gonna be for their term. he won't be alone in the matter. this goes for all candidates. if something comes up as being objectively problematic, the solution is really simple. beyond that, give people a shot.
My forecasts(very accurate) are leagues ahead of baby Nate Silver's so called "forecasts" which are proven to be very fake and bad.
Please don't rig this I already pledged to be upstanding.
I would non-ironically enjoy having this shirt. Thank you. I pledge to stand by commitment to call fatasses, fatasses.
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