• It's official: the UK can cancel Brexit unilaterally
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https://twitter.com/EUCourtPress/status/1072039706123210752 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/165/85e15d3a-8cee-44a5-94d2-a635c86a661f/RG0BS1U.gif The UK government, the European Commission, and Leave supporters were all wrong on this, turns out we could cancel this right now and immediately get back all our benefits and our special status within the EU permanently. Big boost for people arguing for an end to Brexit.
Cmon UK
Not gonna happen., gst ready for worst.
All we need is the political will...
Hasn't this been well-known from even before Article 5 or whatever it's called was triggered?
Come on ffs do it May you lanky old spider legged bitch
Hmm, tough choice... Remaining in the EU and not having to deal with endless amounts of economic and financial troubles. OR Winning the Darwin Award. It's a difficult time for the UK indeed...
Really weird that today is the start of one of the most consequential weeks in British political history, this shit's going in the history books
Of course you'd say shit like this, you'd much rather the UK and EU keep squabbling amongst each other so daddy Putin can swoop in and conquer all of Eastern Europe. Grow up.
Nah it was pretty unexpected until last week, anti-Brexiters were expecting to have to argue that the EU would probably let us cancel it if we wanted to. But as it turns out it's entirely our decision and it doesn't matter what the EU thinks This also makes no deal less likely because it will be entirely the UK parliament's fault if it happens, they won't be able to blame anyone else
So quite literally the only thing stopping it is pride
Boilrig droppin them dumbs. Thats a pretty salty Kiwi.
Can I get a box from you also boilrig
Can't help myself when people deserve it for the whole 'we can stop this whole thing and just pretend the referendum never happened!!111!'.
It's not the fault of so-called remoaners people put their stupid pride over their nation, people just don't want the UK to drive headlong off a cliff. I'll bet my left nut that the consequences of brexit, should it happen, will probably speedily bring around many of these stubborn idiots around in the process once it starts to hit everybody where it hurts.
We can, and we should.
Fun story: When I started studying Brexit back in September, we were introduced to the case of Wightman but our lecturer apologised because he couldn't provide a satisfying conclusion to the story of the case, because it was still going on. I have a Public Law lecture in 45 minutes as of typing this, and I can guarantee that he's gonna scrap all plans he had, just to dedicate an hour to talking about this outcome.
lmao and they keep all the opt-outs too? this is the best deal, perhaps the best one in history of deals /but not like you'll take it, because muh sovereignty/
Bearing in mind that it has been nearly three years now and a massive amount of new information has come to light about exactly how this will affect the UK and what decisions lead up to the decision for a referendum in the first place, and bearing in mind that the original not legally binding referendum held ostensibly for the sake of sounding out public opinion already went to leave on a razor thin margin, do you believe the people should have the option to change their minds based on this new information?
For once I agree with you, it's pretty stupid that people are asking us to leave considering the referendum of 1975 in which 67.23% of people voted to remain, that is what you meant though right? After all, we should only ever have one vote right? Because a change of circumstances, new information coming to light etc doesn't mean we should ever get to change our minds.
No he doesn't, he thinks we should still go through with it just because we already said we would. It's like betting to shoot yourself in the foot and then committing to it even though you know its a really fucking stupid idea and all of your friends are telling you you really don't have to but you insist on it anyway It's also hard to take his opinion seriously when he is neither from the UK nor even has any real stake in what happens to us
I wonder why you tried to put a completely sensible position to hold in scarequotes and the classic "!!!111". We SHOULD pretend the referendum never happened, that's the point. As has been explained several billion trillion times by now.
Need people in high places to talk about this too, a little bit of hope for my country to not be a laughing stock. Been really stressed for me and my family as it is with the economical uncertainty of brexit, so this a bit of headache relief.
Who is pretending that? Nobody worth anything will dismiss the signs that the referendum gave.
'PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALLLOWED TO VOTE AGAIN BLAH BLAH BLAH THE PUBLIC WERE SOLD A LIE AND NO ONE VOTED TO BECOME POORER' 'Wow ok, all I'm saying is that we should crash the economy for 30 years in the hope of some meagre gains in the distant future, but looks like you have some problems to work out buddy'
It's not just the new information, but also all the information that there already was. Like the whole bus shit which was bad before the vote, and even worse after the vote when they basically went "durrr, we lied"
A referendum based on lies is not a referendum, that's manipulating people to get what you want. It's no different from the election interference in the US.
Also let's not forget immigrants, take back control, give the NHS 350 million pounds a week, blabber blabber blabber blabber blabber
https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--V5_xzsDz--/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/k3r9majbmtmtkkdvawaw.gif Gotta get that salt.
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