• Troops cross North-South Korea Demilitarized Zone in peace for 1st time ever
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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/north-korea-south-korea-troops-cross-demilitarized-zone-in-peace-first-time/ Soldiers from the two Koreas exchanged cigarettes and chatted as they inspected the dismantlement or disarmament of 22 guard posts -- 11 from each country -- inside the Demilitarized Zone that forms 155-mile-long, 2.5-mile-wide border.
Rollar coaster ride of emotion with that title wooo glad it's a good thing
That's gonna be one historical photo right there.
Having nukes sure helped to calm North's attitude.
As an opponent to the North Korean state I still fully understand why they wanted nuclear weapons and I am continually disgusted by the US's attempts to disarm other nations when the US still has one of the largest stockpiles on Earth that they will never consider reducing in any significant quantity, especially not under this administration. Utterly mind-boggling.
Even with everything going on with my neighbor to the south, I still trust them more with nukes than North Korea.
I don't trust any country with nukes, but I understand that having them is almost a necessity for any country that wants true sovereignty in this era. If you want to see why NK has nukes, look at what's happening to Ukraine. They got rid of their arms on the whims of the US and as a result they're getting sluiced to death for trying to do the right thing.
This might just be a ploy to get everything they have modernized. That soviet tech is getting really outdated fast.
it looks like the 1940s meeting up with modern times
The guy from the North's smile is making me smile. It's like he's saying "Hello brother"
Makes sense given how most Koreans consider the conflict as more between North Korea and the US, they still view North Koreans as just "Koreans".
I agree but it's a kinda ironic thing to say when you're talking about the one nation on the entire planet who has actually deployed nuclear weapons against an enemy nation.
How is it ironic?
You're trusting the one nation on the planet that has actually used nukes as a weapon to not use nukes. (Though you can admittedly argue that using nukes means we've seen firsthand the consequences of using them.)
I trust more their motives for not using nukes. The US might have multiples problems with its political system but there's at least multiple checks to make sure one that individual - even the President - can't decide on their own that using nukes is a good idea. You can't say the same for rogue nations like Iran or NK. Like, I get why they want nukes but I'd still rather they never got them.
I know, and I agree with your reasoning. My initial post was more of a joke than anything.
BREAKING: Troops have crossed the DMZ for the first time ever in peacetime. Soldiers from both sides immediately began shooting the shit with each other while destroying the opposing side in a friendly sports match. "Stop!" One soldier yelled, "you're killing me!" Within minutes, the ground was littered with bodies as they rolled on the floor laughing together. Some young men were seen begging for their lives to be enhanced through the power of friendship. When night fell, a colonel barked "open fire!" as he worried that the soldiers roasting their marshmallows were getting too close to it.
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