• US Senate votes 57-38 to end US involvement in Yemen war
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https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/senate-prepares-vote-to-curtail-us-support-for-saudi-led-military-effort-in-yemen/2018/12/13/cf934a96-fed7-11e8-862a-b6a6f3ce8199_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.f6e83adbcb14 https://twitter.com/Evan_Rosenfeld/status/1073311213130375168
Great. Now, could they also pass a resolution to send some food and water?
"No free handouts"
bUt ThAtS CoMmUnIsM
The Republicans will send the suffering people of Yemen some bootstraps so they can pick themselves up from being bombed into the 50s while Trump and Kushner profit from deals with Saudi princes.
it'll have to get through the saudi blockade.
It's times like these I wish we had a reliable orbital drop system.
They just unanimously voted to officially blame the Saudi crown prince as the man behind Khashoggi's death.
Sorry guys but the 800+ Billion farm bill has a tiny stipulation tucked in that says the war in Yemen cannot be stopped for now
That provision is only in effect for the next two weeks. The new Senate would have to pass this again though
Don't see why two more GOP senators would kill the resolution the next time, and Dem House pressure will be there.
I wonder whatever happened to that Yemeni facepuncher who used to post weekly updates.
AFAIK it got exactly 60 votes on the cloture vote so theoretically one or two more GOP Senators could make all the difference but we'll have to see
I don't know anything about the Yemen War, could someone catch me up?
@WheatleyGrim is still fine posting around on the art threads ( and in Twitter and Tumblr... ), but he's still seeking on leaving the country because as you can imagine, is not a nice place to live.
Better late than never but what is left of Yemen?
I don't see how a slightly earlier act of congress saying war is OK should even cancel out a later one saying war is not OK.
Christ, so we're only there because of the Saudis? Since Iraq, we've only been going downhill it feels.
I'd love to sit and listen to the 38 as to the reason the US should fund the conflict in Yemen.
Historic relationship, massive weapons deal, they also want to destroy iran
Honestly, I'd love to join the military, but living in the US, Coast guard is about as far as I can go. I have a high respect for people in the US military, but a heavy disappointment in the US Military itself.
Thank you for your imagination service.
Not that I wouldn't like that happening, do you really expect US AID to even reach Yemen? Probably not, nor do I think that the US wants to try potientally give resources that could be co-opt'ed by the Houthi Rebels, who are definitely not good people. Neither are the Saudi's but this a conflict that you want to watch from a distance.
join the national guard or reserve
Then don't join. We're a volunteer service for a reason son. We don't force you to join, we don't force you to sign contracts with your chosen service branch. Coast Guard, believe or not does a lot more than you think they do, they do infact see action against local threats to the US like drug runners and smugglers, as well as helping out overseas with pirates. If you think you can only go as far as the Coast Guard then neither the military nor the Coast Guard is for you, not even the National Guard or Reserve components either.
This was has been absolutely atrocious for everyone living there. I just did a report on cholera there and the devistation makes be believe that no matter what government takes over, it'll be a net gain. The infrastructure is just gone, every old timey disease runs rampant and the bombing causes fear in everyone. Literally North Korea would be a step up.
if you disagree with how the military is run (perfectly reasonable given you know who is in charge), you can just.. not join. considering you waive all of your rights when you do its probably for the better for now, anyway
Oh no, I'm not saying I have to, I would just like to if it wasn't run like garbage. I'm a pro-military, but anti-war person. It's just that the Coast Guard has nothing to do with the DoD. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
The USCG is under DHS, but they still answer to the Pentagon and DoD like every other branch.
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