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Can't quote properly because it was in a different thread but felt I should respond to some people Swebonny (can't @ you because of your dumb name) "Why is it a lottery?" Because from the earliest stage it was skewed in favour of people 3 posters and I wanted everybody to be in with a reasonable chance @.Ducky "So that Hezzy can stream it and promote his twitch, obviously" If there's a better way to stream it then by all means let me know. The last time I properly used my Twitch channel was for Punchmas 2017 @Revenge282 "The more this process goes on, the more ridiculous it gets. That isn't ridiculous in a cute/funny sense either, this is just progressively becoming a worse idea. That is coming from me, a person who was initially in favor of the idea and was mildly excited for the change. So far, we have had: a preliminary round of nominations that consisted of people shotgunning names out by posts and being counted, then arbitrarily selected Posting vs rating was not taken into consideration, so anyone who thought they were voicing opinions via agrees, weren't Final round of voting is limited to only 1 vote per voter, when there are five positions to fill. I really shouldn't have to explain why that is a terrible idea, but why would you restrict someone to only 1/5th of their choices. To top it all off, it's a lottery system. Which makes even less sense than voting people into the position with 1/5th power votes. It's completely random and arbitrary at this point in the election. Lastly, a huge number of people aren't taking this seriously, there are candidates that any moderator who has spent time in the PD section would/should immediately agree as poor choices, and there was clearly no filter on how qualified the nominees are It's basically a marketing gimmick for Hezzy's Twitch channel. "But it's to ensure names are drawn fairly!", well then don't run elections of a lottery system. So either, we are going to have a group of people who are doing votes just for the meme (which we only need 20% of voters to do because of the 1 vote per voter rule), or we are going to have a final election where the results don't matter because, in the end, there was intervention about who is/isn't qualified. Or just straight up throw credibility out the window, and allow it to go through as is and have a "council" with people voted in on misrepresentation and neutered powers. Which renders this whole process pointless in the first place." There was no "arbitrary" selection as you incorrectly state. The threshold was 3 nominations. Rating was not an option. The post specifically said post and only post once. The final round is 1 vote per voter because there's no other way to do it via ratings. The forums do not have a poll system. Any external poll system would be subject to external influences. Lottery system explained above This is not about qualifications As above, why would I be marketing something I don't use? You had plenty of opportunity to influence how this was carried out. The thread was stickied at the top of this forum for months yet your input was completely minimal. You had your chance and you simply could not be arsed. @Geel "You're missing: 6. Votes don't even matter as the final winners are selected by random chance:" It's a weighted lottery. It's not "random" chance, the chance is dictated by how many votes people get. @Borealis "also @Hezzy , might want to add that disclaimer." What disclaimer?
Yo can you give my votes to @Zonesylvania ? I wasn’t even tryna run.
No, if you withdraw your votes will be rendered void
Give Zone the candidates votes.
They didn't vote for Zone.
so? this whole thing is a sham anyway with seano, karmiatrix and others in the running. it's a joke this is even happening.
You had months to contribute to this but neglected to do so
So you're blaming the fact this is a joke on me (and I assume as a part of that, others who didn't contribute to this), instead of the person who started it? What good is this actually going to do for polidicks beyond being a bit of theater? An actual rules list would be a far more beneficial step forward.
This project was to allow the community in Polidicks to dictate their own terms and shape the forum by themselves. There was plenty of discussion in the thread that was stickied at the top of the forums for months, but unfortunately there was nothing specific or detailed about how the election process would take place. Everybody had a chance to contribute. You chose not to. You had a chance to provide input but didn't.
Yeah im sure people were 100% serious with seano/kari/boilrig votes too.
The idea was stupid from the beginning. The idea itself isn't worth entertaining. What would actually help is that rules list you promised months ago and still haven't delivered on. Give something moderators to actually work with would do far more to help Polidicks than whatever this piece of theater is supposed to be.
Meme candidates always win these things and then proceed to shit all over everything, then people wonder “how’d this happen”
he says, in the thread titled "User Council Discussion"
I'm curious as to what an example of their duties would be. What are some rules that would apply to polidicks (once voted on or whatever) but not the entire forum? And why can't these rules just be created by moderators who are active in the polidicks section?
From what I understood: They are their to serve as councilmen, and give differing opinions. They don't enforce the rules, but they give advice on how they can be improved.
I hold two contradictory opinions on this entire thing. I don't get it and I still hate it.
But don't we all do that already? People are very quick to point out problems and offer solutions. There were entire threads dedicated to forum discussion. It seems like the leadership here is just adding a middleman and I don't entirely see the point. The userbase will still give just as much feedback, but now they won't be listened to as much unless it is from a council member. And if the council is doing their jobs as described, then they will just be relaying the complaints of the masses - except that relaying seems like an unnecessary step because everyone can already see everyone elses comments and thoughts through ratings and posts.
Nobody voted for me out of joke, i express gratitude to comrades of all nations who wish to see their voices represented in polidicks. I say - if you feel like there are somebody elected out of Spite or joke, then we are having the most close to reality election. Oh, and lottery part is like summary for negative factor of assasinations, leaks and etc to take down front runners! ITS ALL JUST LIKE REAL LIFE P. S. Huge thanks to Hezzy for this thread of clarification.
the polidicks council idea is honestly such a joke lmao. just get extra mods specifically for polidicks??? why all this complicated """voting""" for users to create the rules for polidicks and then report to the mods ... when you can just have dedicated mods for polidicks?? this is why nobody is taking it seriously and voted for meme candidates. because the idea in and of itself is almost worthy of being a meme.
Those aren't contradictory.
Guys this was all serious and there were never any joke votes, please take this seriously guys.
Don't kid yourself buster There's literally no point in a vote if it's just a lottery in the end. If we elect 3 people then it should be the top 3 votes. You don't hold an election and attempt to sway it to "give everyone a chance".
As opposed to the previous User Council Discussion thread that was open for months on end. There really is no excuse for moaning when people can't be arsed giving input. It's a lot easier to sit back and whine than it is to actually get involved and contribute. I have very little respect for people who do nothing but critics e yet offer no helpful suggestions to improve things. Because it's supposed to be users taking responsibility for their section. Polidicks is probably one of the least active areas for Moderators. Previous attempts to moderate have been sporadic and problematic. Having a user council of 5 in theory allows for the community to drive the creation of their own policies and the removal of bad posters. The council is selected through nominations with a relatively low threshold to populate the candidates. Other users must recommend them, to ensure some semblance of quality control. If people want to make "meme votes" that's entirely up to them. Then the next stage is the voting stage, to allow people to tally up votes. We could run it just from this, but in reality it would end up as a popularity contest which is not what I want. Hence the third stage, a lottery. It allows all candidates a potential place on the council. Facepunch is traditionally left wing, so obviously the council will be skewed towards a certain ideology. This will allow other posts a chance to input to the council in the interests of fairness. There are plenty of rules that might just apply to Polidicks. Tone of debate and the accuracy / bias of sources, whether or not opinion pieces are allowed, to name a few. Thanks for your wonderful input It empowers the community to enact change in policy, as per above. People won't be listened to less. Oh no 5 users may have voted for somebody
can you respond to my post?
I appreciate the gesture Hezzy and appreciate the effort to clean up Polidicks. If I may inquire, is there a replacement mechanism if one of the council members has to resign from their position? Will there be elections for that?
Completely missing the point.
I haven't thought about this yet, it would be worth discussing this amongst yourselves to implement some kind of mechanism otherwise I'll just make a really shit one that @IlluminatiRex will moan to fuck about whilst not actually contributing anything positive
If people had taken the voting more seriously, it wouldn't be a sham, but with seano, Boilrig and karimatrix having so many votes, it has become more of a meme than anything. Still, I do think it's worth at least trying this and seeing how it goes.
Thanks for the good answer.. but.. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/225353/6520e5d8-e03f-412c-9799-a96a8b65b2cc/F.PNG
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