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They're not going to be mods. The people who win the election/lottery are just going to be people who'll be an intermediary between the mod team and the PD userbase who will help determine policy going forward.
@Hezzy Elix said that no one vote for him.
Firstly, maybe you should have thought about this before going through with this piece of theater. Secondly, you're the community manager. Last I checked its your job to do that sort of thing, not the community's. Manage them, act like a leader. Also, what do those rules of yours say? “Call Outs” - These are posts that call on a user to explain something even though they’re not involved in a thread. Please don’t make these unless your post actually contributes to the thread. Or does that not apply to you and/or polidicks for some reason? What exactly does saying "@IlluminatiRex will moan to fuck about whilst not actually contributing anything positive" contribute? Not much I'd argue. Besides, judging by ratings I seem to reflect what a lot of people are thinking.
I already answered it in my previous post
I vote we replace them with Sgman, Chonch, and Joey Skylynx. If we want shit to be balanced at least choose non-meme users who, as intellectually dishonest as some of them can be sometimes, could at least be trusted to attempt to take the job seriously and avoid being biased.
He's involved in the thread
Your post was an attempt at a stupid as fuck callout, a "gotcha". It didn't contribute anything and doesn't actually tackle the points I made. You're not wiggling out of trying to dunk on the userbase.
Fair enough. Have a diamond.
How do you expect people to do those things when you yourself couldn't be fucked to do your job and instead got indignant about it?
I await your positive contribution
I seriously do not understand how it's easier to start a council, manage a vote, then do a lottery to pick members for the council, who then go on to make the rules / guidelines for other moderators to enforce for Polidicks.. as opposed to ... picking some mods to just moderate polidicks. there are people who will do it, so that's not an excuse. you just made guidelines for every single forum, so that's not an excuse either, you can make guidelines specifically for polidicks and just have mods enforce them. you could even have people vote on guidelines for mods to enforce, so you get to hold a vote and have polidicks moderated. win win!
It's almost as if I want to try to do things differently?
I really think just picking some regular PD posters to be moderators would be better instead of trying to make 5 people cooperate as 1 frankenstein's moderator that has to then wait on actual moderators to enforce their decisions.
how about we listen to and try things that the community wants for a change
I will graciously accept on the condition that I am provided with a completed power-of-attorney form for the Community Fund. My going rate for agency is one percent per annum, trade commission not included.
What do you mean did not bother? How many people have voted, ya seen?
Try reading this thread, or the numerous Forum Discussions I contributed to where I positied ideas and feedback. or does this not count as "positive contribution". it's great we finally have rules for all the other sections. But these should also apply to PD, there's no reason they shouldn't. And there's no reason we should be complicating this whole process with a "users council" when we already have the moderators and rules.
we already have our first volunteer polidicks specific mod too! https://i.imgur.com/ReJpybO.png Any other moderators willing to moderate Polidicks specifically?
i will. i shall ban all english posters from posting, and all posts must be made in praise of me for vanishing the regressive left and destroying the fascist english aristocracy
me too thanks
You joke but as frustrating as I find it to argue with you and Sgman most of the time I think the both of you are far better choices than these shitty meme choices.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/99/5b370399-35fa-48ba-8ef3-930e745a0857/f.PNG well @Inacio
This isn't "JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE" unless you live in fucking Russia
I haven't been paying attention to this, but I went back and read some stuff. What the fuck is this? Because it feels like a bad joke.
sorry I'm not greek
If the people of polidicks will me into power I will just convert this entire subforum into c-spam including: -Toxx threads for presidential candidates. -Megathread dedicated to watching the dow jones go down. and last but not least -Clinical Depression.
He was referring to the greek name that you were using to shit Discord up with
So in your book, providing useful input and suggestions is shitting the place up? What do you consider useful input then?
I'd be fine with Chonch, Sgman on the other hand can stay far the fuck away from any form of moderation on this website.
I can confirm that I 100% wanted seano for president of polidicks
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