• New Zealand will support United Nations Global Migration Compact
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National Party, which have a high probability of winning next election have said they will immediately pull out of the pact when they get into government.
Well I hope they lose and sanity stays in the New Zealand government. (note that I'm not endorsing that migrant pact, not really kept up with it)
The only reasonable complaint I've seen is that it doesn't differentiate between illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, economic refugees, and humanitarian refugees, instead bundling all of these subcategories together into "migrants" and stipulating that countries provide basic service to those immigrants. That said it's a non-binding pact and it's hard to miss the fact that support or opposition is coming down on purely partisan lines, with generally right wing/traditionally anti-migrant governments opposing and left-wing/centrist governments supporting.
most of nation are opposing this act because if accepted it would further legitimize claims that nation-wide changes to immigration policies should be implemented in future. Soo yeah, non-binding, but surely foreboding.
Good. Nice to have a setiment towards basic human decency and anti-xenophobia rather than the opposite.
Willing to toxx on that?
Politics is slow over here, maybe closer to the next election.
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