• US to pull all troops from Syria - Trump declares victory over ISIS
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another day another round of republicans going "If obama did this I'd be furious but its Trump so we cool."
This is literally every trumpian decision. Trump claims hes doing something, other branch of gov says that he has to consult them first, trump pisses his pants crying saying the other branches prevent him from MAGA.
"won against ISIS" You mean the Russians did boi, know your place
lolno Russians intervined after US killed and destroyed majority of ISIS fighting force. And even then Russians focused on bombing Syrian civilians living in FSA rebel controlled territory.
he's doing this just to try and win some popularity contest what a fucking tool
Turkmen are not Turks. It's like saying Russians and Belorussians are same. But yes, Syrian Turkmen overwhelmingly support FSA rebels and Turkey.
God, Trump vs. Trump never fails.
john kelly leaves > mick mulvaney says let trump eat cake > Trump declares over twitter the US is pulling out of syria > Pentagon has no idea what he's on.
https://thehill.com/policy/international/middle-east-north-africa/422145-russia-praises-us-decision-to-pull-out-of-syria?rnd=1545254220 "Putin praises his bitch for pulling out"
hang on, didn't you defeat ISIS? You okay?
Weve always been at war with Eastasia.
Wow, now we have Trump vs. Trump in real-time!
Good. We never should have been there anyway. Sure it's bullshit that we beat ISIS, but the best thing to do is cut our losses and never return.
Looks like you're all out of wars now neocons
Im sure you'll be back to drop some missles when the next brutal terrorist group flares up
What happened to his commentary about not telling our enemies what our plans are?
Well, he did not warn anyone about his decision, soo i guess that makes everyone the enemenemeh.
So literally only Obama. Also what the fuck is up with his “done more than any—“ horseshit he always spouts? What a tiny pecker he must have.
What is he even saying?
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