• Kurdish Fighters Discuss Releasing Almost 3,200 ISIS Prisoners
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yeah, I don't blame them. how Turkey acts to the Kurds, would not be surprised if Turkey tried to commit genocide. Hell, they still pretend like the last one they did didn't happen.
Are we sure it's simply out of spite and not out of neccessity? With the USA pulling out, their main source of air support and anti air has presumably gone with them. I think the encroaching threat of being bombed at any time probably is more to do with this than "CHEETO MAN BAD!!!". Not to mention the fact that American funding drying up likely plays a direct affect, moreso than personal opinion. The blurb in the link is also somewhat misleading when compared to the article, as this is one possibility of several which has been discussed. The other mentioned in the article is handing them and their detained families over to the Syrian government. God knows what's going to happen to them then.
Yeah I don't blame them. The US has repeatedly used the Kurds then fucked them as soon as they stopped being convenient. They need to look out for their own interests.
This is concerning for a number of reasons, not least because even if DAESH as a pseudo-state is no more this would easily open the way to many of them feeding back into the population to create more trouble. That said, what if the Kurds outright executed them? I doubt that would sit well either.
This is idiotic. Erdogan has no ethno-nationalist genocidal ideas. Also the fact that Kurds has their own political party taking part of Turkish parliament, makes it a bit obvious Turkey is far away from any plans for committing any genocide.
Nice try Erdogan, but you can't fool me with that VPN.
You do realize how much Erdogan hates the kurds right? The only thing that will happen if Turkey takes out the SDF is that a guerilla war is going to happen, and how do you think the Turks are going to respond to that? Asking the Kurds and the rest of the SDF to not do so nicely? They're going to use force and a lot more people are going to die because of their idiotic wants of controlling Syria. First off, source? Secondly, if you do mean the SDF, once again the SDF is not made up explicitly of the YPG/PKK, it's a coalition of a bunch of different groups all interested in protecting Rojava. The Kurds simply make up the backbone as they're the ones that have the forces and training to do so.
While I'm sure Turkey will appreciate the release of their soldiers, I doubt this will do anything to improve their relationship with Kurdistan.
You do realize Erdogan was the first Turkish leader to actually tried to negotiate a peace with PKK, but was shut down by the military leadership oh so loved for it's secularism? Also that still doesn't dispute what I said previously, even he hates Kurds there's no evidence of any genocidal intentions by Erdogan's government. Also bunch of Syrian rebels groups in Rojava, especially ones who fought in battle of Kobane, was threatened into submission after city liberation off ISIS as YPG threatened to declare them ISIS allies and uncleash US bombing on them. And they constantly used Azaz rebels as a meatshield against ISIS, even advancing against them and capturing Tell Rifat during ISIS offensive against rebels. There is absolutely no documanted case of Turkey commiting ethnic cleansing at the behalf of Syrian Turkmen. This a literarl PKK/YPG propaganda.
Once again sources? All you keep doing is making increasingly stupid claims and not backing them up. Meanwhile Turkey HAS done some devious shit within the Idlib governate, deporting hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians trying to flee there and holding them there without the proper resources for them to survive, and just in general being authoritarian and cracking down on criticism for their decisions within the territory, often unjustly so. Turkey is the enemy here, not the YPG. Why don't you get that?
Nah, man, you don't understand basic tactics. The SDF needs to fight a war on every conceivable front, without any meaningful resources or allies, against the government forces, FSA jihadists, Al-Qaeda guerrilla, remnants of ISIS' terror cells, and a comparatively large NATO power or else they're LITERALLY HitlerStalinMao and want to usher in a new dark age to Syria.
I'm sorry, but Turkey is doing nothing different from what EU is doing by deporting many Syrians back to Syria. As well Turkey still holds more Syrian refugees than any other country. Oh and YPG has no moral standing to critcize either Turkey nor FSA rebels, as they rule with an iron first.
Turkey is actively holding the Syrians at gunpoint in the Idlib governate. That is a big difference from the Europeans who simply deport them. That article has no actual sources cited to it. Additionally while the factual reporting is high, there has been a demonstrated pro-russian bias from them (thus giving them a reason to paint the SDF as terrible since the Russians hate the Kurds and love the Turks and Assad) and once again they don't have any actual cited sources which has been an issue from them before. Please find more and I'll believe it more. I don't doubt the YPG isn't the best group to have ever existed in the world, but all of what has been said in the article has been practiced by the rest of the factions within Syria, including the FSA and the SAA.
And I am done here, I am disinterested in tackling conspiracy theories tonight.
Support how? By carving out territory from 4 countries that neither want that? By supporting unrecognized state in same fashion Russia does in Ukraine and Georgia? And there will be no slaughter, just look at Operation Olive Branch. The least bloody major military campaign for civilians in entire Syrian War, rest can't even be compared. Turkey had shown more restraint than US and rest of NATO( bombing of Raqqa primarily), and hell of a lot more than Russia, Assad and ISIS. So no, Kurds won't get slaughtered. In fact, looking at Olive Brench offensive, even YPG fighters will mainly flee or surrender once Turkish air force is not restrained by bad weather( the main reason why FSA-Turkey struggled in February of that offensive, then followed up complete YPG capitulation by mid march).
Conspiracy theories? Did you fucking read the article I posted? It literally states that the Turks have set up armed checkpoints across their border in order to keep the Syrians from trying to escape.
The source for this claim is Al-Masdar News, which is not exactly the most reliable of sources. It is a pro-government website which are pro-regime. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133737/781539c7-e5f0-4065-94c9-6e752e100b10/image.png The source for this claim is Hurriyet Daily News. I am not historically apprised as to whether or not they were a trustworthy source but I do know that, presently, they are not a trustworthy source. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133737/2ba26a67-f797-47c0-ad72-c51923dddf77/image.png This source isn't one that's even available on MBFC as it's too small and/or new. However, in its comments there is someone directly disputing some of the claims the article makes. It's not enough to make me feel the source is necessarily untrustworthy -- but it's certainly enough for me to find it not trustworthy. This claim, meanwhile, is made from sourcing The Nation -- which, though highly factual, is nonetheless an article which would fail the posting guidelines. It is also disputably pro-Russian in how it goes about its coverage. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133737/477cf80c-e37a-40bf-b262-76bacc471976/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133737/523fac9b-05f0-455a-be31-f18fac9aa782/image.png So, simply put: You've left those people still waiting for credible sources to back your argument. Only a single claim you've made is one that didn't come from a questionable or significantly-likely-to-be-biased source.
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