• Congo president bans voting in opposition stronghold due to "ebola risk"
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Leaders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC Congo) are going to deny almost a million people the vote in the country's first democratic elections this Sunday. Protests have erupted in affected areas in the east of the country — which is seen as a stronghold for opposition candidates — after the electoral commission (CENI) ruled to deny the vote because of Ebola outbreak fears. In an interview, President Joseph Kabila contradicted his own health officials and experts with the World Health Organisation, who have said precautions were taken in collaboration with electoral authorities so people could vote. Those included providing tonnes of hand sanitiser (Ebola is spread via infected bodily fluids) and the screening of all voters entering polling stations. Mr Kabila claimed that the virus could spread as people use touchscreen voting machines, which he says may be a "disaster" if someone infects scores or hundreds of others. A polling station could have 500 to 600 voters and "this assumes that a lot of people will be contaminated", he said. Health officials have said voters would sanitise their hands before and after voting. Congo President Joseph Kabila bans voting in opposition strongho.. I'm sure that's the reason.
this would make sense, but considering Ebola is transferred via blood. Yeah this is probably bullshit.
Actually it can also be transferred through voting
No wonder it never became a pandemic in America
oh and here I thought he was committed to a fair transparent election where 50 people are running and there is no primary and he got to reset the date several times and maybe he's not so committed after all...
I know what will Kemp try in Georgia for 2020 now.
polling location closed due to AIDS
Well usually the transition of government in many african states tends to involve the spilling of blood I can see your point here.
Barely but very unlikely anyway, As only few people overall were infected from one of victims in Texas, who was only American that dies from it.
Your posts remind me more of Ken M's by the day
So this election in general has been a mess, but... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-46721168 The internet has been shut down in key cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo a day after the much-delayed presidential election. Opposition candidate Martin Fayulu's campaign team accused the government of ordering the shut down to avoid broadcasting his "overwhelming victory" in Sunday's poll. Telecoms minister Emery Okundji said he was unaware of the situation. Observers have complained of widespread irregularities during the poll. The Roman Catholic Church's observer team reported more than 100 cases of election monitors being denied access to polling stations. It added that around 20% of polling stations opened late, and there were reports of polling stations being moved at the last minute. Another local observer group, Symocel, said some of its 20,000 agents were subjected to intimidation. Many of those who cast their votes could not do so in secret, it added.
What a goddamn farce.
Third world country, check. Lack of checks and balances, check. Claim that blocking of your right to vote is for "your safety," check. Transparent bullshit, check. President has already served more than one term, check. Shit I just think I won "totalitarian shithole" bingo!
After an insane amount of more delays: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-46819303
I don't think it'll be over. Usually the outgoing president will only go at the end of a machete
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