• Shocking video shows Ocasio-Cortez dancing with her friends
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https://twitter.com/AnonymousQ1776/status/1080594276831047680?s=09 https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/01/03/video-ocasio-cortez-dancing-college-leaked-internet-finds-it-adorable/ Greatest scandal of the 21st century right here
Dear God, just look at all that liberal degeneracy on display!
A woman!? DANCING!? Why, I never! I think I'm getting the vapors from such an OBSCENE action!
Man, they're really scared of her aren't they?
She's over
I was thinking Dijon Mustard, but same thing lol It’s so predictable. Conservatives have no life.
wow what an airhead right guys
This is Dijon Mustard and Tan Suit levels of petty. What is even the point?
I didn't realize she was this hot. The media's doing a bang up job of making her look less attractive than she really is. Thanks QAnon for showing me the truth!
THE HUGE MANATEE https://youtu.be/W88v7Rnm_C4
I admit I'm very entertained by how hard they're scraping the bottom of the barrel when trying to find dirt on this lady. I look forward to whatever silly garbage they try next. I bet it'll be even dumber.
i am appalled that she danced instead of saving starving african children and solving world hunger i thought she was a socialiolagist smh
How fucking scared do you have to be to try and make this go viral. To use ANYTHING they can lol.
idk if i find this pathetic, or terrifying. Cause it can either be, they're scraping the bottom of the barrel here. In finding ways to shit on Cortez. Or they're that Batshit insane with their puritan bullshit where they find a woman dancing and having fun Evil and Immoral.
If she was a Republican they would 100% be calling her "/ourgirl/" for this. Then again, it's no surprise that going outside and having fun with friends would look alien to them.
she's actually a pretty good dancer, who would have guessed?
BREAKING: Mike Pence to call for own impeachment after mistakenly viewing video without his wife in the room.
A young woman? Dancing? 50 lashes and 13 Hail Marys.
First she wears clothes, now she does dances?! Next you're going to tell me she has hobbies. What happened to the good old days where politicians kept their noses clean of fun and just stuck to white collar crime? The scandalous skeletons in her closet would bring bill clinton to shame.
She's also stealing oxygen from our conservative youth!! 😤
Back in the good old days you could avoid dancing by pretending to have bone spurs in your feet.
Okay so I'm actually not seeing this supposed right-wing outrage. I went on T_D to see for myself and there's not a single mention of her in the most recent few pages of Trending/New/Rising/Top. So I did a sitewide search and here's the breakdown: Left-Wing subreddits reacting to or reporting supposed right-wing outrage: 22, including about a dozen crossposts by the same user, there are also 4 newsbot posts. Neutral subs posting the video: 1, and 3 news bot posts not mentioning any outrage. Right-Wing subreddits reacting to video: 1 news bot post with an article encouraging users to fight her on her politics, not her dance moves. Actual instances of right-wing outrage: Literally just that tweet which every other source is pointed to.
Well I cant recall thinking a politician was this cute before Oh no
You can thank the high profile Republicans and right wing entertainers & journalist who started the trend of silly attacks. They created this narrative.
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